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About pyrozora

I'm just a student who likes to play video games, make games, edit videos, talk with friends on Discord, and do many other things on my free time.

I'm a amateur in terms of voice acting, but I have been doing voice work for quite a while now, alongside other things like video editing and game development. Any project I will audition for if I'm interested, but I'm willing to be open to new things!

I have a mellow tone voice, although I can range from low to high. If you have any criticism let me know, I'm willing to take direction from anyone to benefit me.

Discord: pyrozora

Youtube Channel

  • @bing-bong-studios

    I have been in multiple projects with this guy, and I have to say he's amazing. He is able to listen to criticism and live direction very well at the age of 13. He can do a lot of young male voices very well. Not to mention how well he does in the field of graphic design and video editing epically for his age. Not to mention how kind he is when working with him. If you cast him, you've made a good choice my friend.

  • @nathan-fazbear

    Pyro is a great Lucifer in our comic dub group! When were chilling or doing Game Night they are a  great fun! They take their work seriously and give and outstanding performance! cant wait to continue working with them!

  • @vermilionosa

    We haven't worked together long, but from the time we have he's been such a pleasure to work with!! He's incredibly talented and a very hard worker, he also creates a fun work environment and positive atmosphere! This is someone you'd like in your cast! :)