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Luucarii's Previously Completed Works

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About Danganronpa: Reboot / Side A (Fanganronpa Audio Drama - Prologue)

Hey! I'm luucarii and I've been on CCC for a few months now and I've seen a TON of great Fangans out there so I figured I'd jump in and try to work on my own! As of right now, I'm working on writing my own Fangan under the title Danganronpa: Reboot (the Side A/Side B aspect is my main gimmick but it's not entirely relevant to this casting call so if you want more information, the Discord Server I made goes more into depth into it)

For this casting call, I want to try my hand at working on an audio drama with my story and characters but just to test the waters I want to specifically work on the Prologue.

Some background on Danganronpa: Reboot: (Spoilers for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Running with the assumption that Tsumugi was telling the truth about Danganronpa being fictional, after the end of Danganronpa V3, an official Hope's Peak Academy was built in memory of the students lost during the killing games. After a few years of development and scouting, Hope's Peak Academy was established as a school to cultivate and develop talent. After the holiday season, Hope's Peak Academy's First and Second Year Classes are taking their annual Winter School Trip to a cabin near the top of a mountain. On the trip, the buses holding the First and Second Years crash leaving a majority of the students unconscious and anyone not unconscious is knocked out by men wearing black and red masks. Riko Kojima, Ultimate Historian and main protagonist of Side A, wakes up in a cabin with fifteen other students before meeting Monokuma and being introduced to a brand new killing game.

As for requirements:

  1. 1. A decent mic. I won't ask you to jump over the moon and give me crystal clear quality (because honestly don't even have crystal clear quality). As long as there's little to no background noise, no peaking, static all of that jazz, we'll be in business!
  2. 2. Join the Discord Server in the event you are cast  (or just jump in to say hi, that's chill too!) as it helps keep everything organized and plus there's a bunch more information on the story and characters that I just don't have the room to explain in this casting call.
  3. 3. Some patience as I'm a single working writer and editor still in school. I'm a bit too stubborn to let this project dry out though so hopefully that won't be an issue.
  4. 4. Be willing to come back and work on more for the series if I decide to pursue it. As of writing this, I'm in the midst of Daily Life of Side A's Chapter One and if reception is good (and if the Prologue turns out good!) I'll be interested in continuing it until we have all of Side A dubbed and eventually turn to work on Side B! Please, leave a comment down with your audition letting me know if you'd be willing to stay apart of this project should it continue down the line!

Please note: Since I'm strictly a writer and editor, I have no visual representation of these characters besides written descriptions. I'll have artist positions open if anyone's interested in lending their talent. I'll also leave an editor spot open if anyone wants to help out with that since as of right now I'm doing most of everything myself!

No casting will be done prior to the deadline, take your time and have fun!

With that, I wish you luck in auditioning and I'm excited to see where this project takes us!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold