Ariana Rosario

Ariana Rosario

Working hard for the future chance to audition for a Xenoblade Chronicles game

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About Ariana Rosario

My name is Ariana Rosario but I also go by Luucarii as an alias!

I'm a Bisexual, Dominican-American VA with a totally normal and not unhealthy obsession with the Xenoblade Chronicles series!

Extra Terrible Studios - 2020

ADR Workshop

Instructed by Jason Lord
Real Voice LA - 2021

Animation Workshop

Instructed by Cassandra Lee Morris
Extra Terrible Studios - 2020

1-On-1 ADR Practice

Instructed by Jason Lord
- 2021

Auditioning for Anime

Instructed by Cassandra Lee Morris
- 2021

Voice Acting Mastery

Instructed by Crispin Freeman
Ace Studios LA - 2021

Anime ADR Workshop

Instructed by Wendee Lee

  • $3/Line (+$10 minimum)

  • $50/hour

  • DM me for /Word rates!

What Ariana Rosario is looking for

  • I am currently available for both paid and unpaid original work. 

  • @deleted142346

    Ari is an extremely talented voice actor, and she puts her heart and soul into each and every character she auditions for. As a person, she is extremely kind and is always happy to give critique if asked. She’s honestly the best all around ❤️❤️

  • @vampirebre

    Ari is an outstanding and talented voice actor! She is always dedicated to the projects she is cast in, and are always excited about any projects that she auditions for! She turns her in time, she helps you feel good about yourself in whatever you do... She is just an amazing person in general!
    I recommend her 100% for your team! She is a must have if you are looking for a talented, dedicated, and uplifting team member/voice actor 💜

  • @sir-samgrace

    a damn queen. a living legend. the most beautiful voice on the website. luu is an amazing person, and if you see her audition for your project you've been blessed.

  • @presidentleon

    Luu is an over all fantastic voice actress who I have had the honor of watching grow and improve throughout both of our times voice acting. She has an extraordinary age portrayal, falling into categories between young teens to higher aged adults, able to reach ranges between high and low vocal capacities. Ever since our first project together, I have always kept a close eye on Luu, curious to see how far she was going to go and how much she was going to improve. And I can firmly say many months after our first encounter- Luu has only started to grace the stars, and she has so much farther to go!! At the moment, if you need a voice actress who stays dedicated, works hard, and brings both a positive aura and great talent to a project environment. Then I recommend Luucarii, as she will be there for you as she has been there for me.
    This has been President Leon, signing off <3

  • @redphoenix15

    This woman is outstanding. Whether as the 5th Executor of Licht Kreis, or the Princess of Ylisse, Luu is a natural born voice actress. To have this much talent, I'd be a fool to pass her up. She's quite cooperative and responsible of taking care of her tasks given to her. The personalities that she brought to her characters were spot on. On my projects, she provides the voices of Orie Ballardiae from "Under Night In-Birth", and Lucina from "Fire Emblem Awakening". If you guys ever run into this woman, don't pass her up. She'll give it her all, and give you the best work she could ever deliver.

    I'm proud to have met Luu, and still have her a part of my journey, and I also hope to continue assisting her on her path to greatness,

    Awesome job, Luu! Keep up the great work.

  • @zel

    Fangirled the first time I heard her. Does Mariko perfectly, and her acting ability is awesome! Very kind and lovely, too!

  • @zephyrkid

    Luu is a VA that's done nothing but bring THE BEST voice work I could ever ask for!! She's helped me out more times than I could count, and she's always up to do even more!! She's an inspiration, that's sweeping the nation, and I can't see her stopping anytime soon. She's a one of a kind person, who'll be more than happy to help anyone with their projects, and will give you Oscar nominee worthy acting for even a background character!!
    I'm glad that Luu's my friend, and I can't wait to work with her in the future, and see her grow even more as time goes on!

  • @toxicure

    Luucarii was not only fast in her delivery of her work, but also is very talented with self direction and control over tone of voice. She goes above and beyond to make sure the project is a success even taking on extra work when requested with her very impressive range you can easily have her fit into whatever role you need. If you are looking for professional level delivery and results please hire luucarii for your projects.

  • @hi-im-stel

    Luu was absolutely incredible to work with. Not only did she finish all her lines incredibly quickly, but also brought forth a staggering amount of talent (and a near-perfect voice match for her character, to boot!). Also, this may be a small thing to bring up, but her willingness to ask questions and otherwise stay in touch with the project long after her work was done really stood out to me as well, and really helped solidify her enthusiasm for her role. I absolutely recommend her!

  • @powerfulsl

    I do not at all regret choosing Luu to voice in my project. She did a pretty perfect job at voicing Sonia Nevermind from Danganronpa and I'd say without a doubt she can certainly pull of some other female voices if you need someone for that. She's also a very friendly person to chat with and if you ever get the opportunity to work with her I say you should definitely take it!

  • @jaeden-man89

    Luu was a really great voice actress for me. She voiced Byleth, Corrin, and Lucina in my comic dubs. She's spectacular with her voice work and I would recommend her to do voice-over in future Projects

  • @spacelizard

    I cast Luu in a videogame project, and she made the process as smooth as possible thanks to frequent communication and quick delivery of high-quality work. I look forward to future collaborations!

  • @cruelhouse

    You open a casting call hoping to some find someone who matches the voice you're looking for, but Ariana not only gave us the perfect voice beyond our expectations, her performance was so good, it drove us to work harder on the project to create something truly worthy of it, and that's not an exaggeration. Not only that, but her enthusiasm and involvement was truly inspiring. Whatever our next project may be, Ariana will be at the top of our list of performers we'd love to work with again.

  • @definitionoftired_

    Luu is an insanely experienced and skilled voice actor who has clearly spent much of her time honing her craft to an amazing quality. She voices DAHLIA for me in PARCHED and any time I look over her lines, I am always blown away at the clear dedication she has for acting. She constantly exceeds my expectations and fully immerses herself in her character to make you feel like she someone completely different.

    Honestly, if you ever have the chance to work with her, go for it!