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About Ryan Pratt

Hey there! I'm Ryan Pratt, a dream-chasing voice actor and singer born and raised in Florida! Entertainment through voice has always brought me joy, especially when sharing it with others. Over the past several years, I've taken place in many live-stage acting shows and concerts. Now, voice acting has become a passion to really pursue with my all──And I love it!

Allow me to share my youthful and serene voice with any project you like!

Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any questions or would like to discuss a project!

  • Discord: ragoodesu

  • @saitogami1

    I want to write this recommendation to a good friend of mine who I consider family, Ryan Pratt. Since the time I met him, Ryan has been very talented and has had a larger-than-life persona that has helped others become inspired. Having a true passion for voice acting, I have seen first hand that Ryan will work diligently to get the job done and get better in any way he can. He will find time in his schedule to practice and if that means to get all his school work done and practice at 1 of 2:00 in the morning, he will do just that. He will not miss a step and he will do whatever he can to take another step forward in becoming a better and conditioned voice actor. While i am a long time family friend of his, I say this as a fellow voice actor that has recognized the determination and passion he has for this art we are all trying desperately to get our foot into. If you are wanting a great voice, personality, and dedicated worker to be apart of your project, don't take a second thought with Ryan Pratt. If you're ready and willing, take him in an instant because you've found a true talent that will make your project a golden experience.

  • @goonstar

    I've known Ryan Pratt for most of my life and I can affirm that he is a capable Actor. I've seen him act and sing through out all of high school and he is an incredible actor. He puts his passion and energy into making the characters he acts come to life. I highly recommend giving this man a role. You will not regret it.

  • @illuminasium

    Ryan is a wonderful voice actor and awesome friend. He has an amazing voice range that fits a nice variety of characters. He is also a really good singer who’s able hit some seriously high notes. Working with him on various projects has been fun. He always gives his best in every role. Overall, a super talented and kind person.

  • @mini-mint

    Where do I start with this guy? Well for one thing, he is an amazing and very talented voice over artist. If I'm doing a project and need a role to be filled he's one of the first guys I ask if he wants in. He has a voice that's perfect for teenage males and shonen protagonists. He's also a supportive friend and an all around great person to be around.

  • @rainedrops

    Adequate performance and easy to work with :) I look forward to seeing what he does in the future~

  • @korbinian-galloway

    When casting a relatively obscure character like Eeth Koth, I didn't expect to recieve an audition that would come close to his even more obscure official voice, though Ryan Pratt left me more than positively surprised! The voice and accent was very on-point and delivered in high quality. He was one of the very first voice actors to hand in his lines and one of the few that I never had to ask for retakes.

    I have told both my friend, who is doing Fandubs for Star Wars the Clone Wars and an Editor I worked for who is dubbing the new Darth Vader Comics that they should definitly concider casting Ryan Pratt if they need Eeth Koth.
    What can I say? he's just that good and I'd love to hear him reprise the role!

  • @bearpuff4

    Ryan is an excellent voice actor! I had come across Ryan’s work on CCC, reached out to him to voice in a series I’m making, and he did not disappoint! He is very dedicated, quick to communicate with, and always impressed me as he really puts himself in his character’s shoes! If you’re looking for a voice actor to be in your next project, definitely consider him!

  • @oppo-rancisis

    Ryan voiced the super villain Chameleon in my amazing spider-man 1963 comic dub. I had a very unique interpretation of what the character should sound like in mind and before I even started casting, I knew Ryan was the person I was searching for.

    His voice is one of a kind and extremely fitting for all types of characters from villains to heroes. I gave Ryan some very precise direction on what exactly I needed and he managed to follow it perfectly from one take while giving the character something from his own mind. This is a master of the craft of voice acting and if you tell him what you need, he will most certainly provide it for you.

  • @flatlight-productions

    Fantastic voice actor. Easy to work with and is very friendly. Would recommend.

  • @deleted335562

    I first saw Ryan in NotZoeys Spirt Animals, and I immediately wanted him to be in my project. I asked him and he agreed straight away. He is, without a doubt, one of the best voice actors I will ever work with. He hands in his lines really quickly, I mean like, with in the next 2 days and he perfects every single line. He’s an amazing singer as well. I’m also making a duet song, which he happily agreed to join. This 👏 dude 👏 is 👏 incredible 👏. If you see that he auditioned, honestly don’t bother looking at the audition, just cast him. High recommend to anyone looking for voice actors

  • @deleted346988

    Amazing voice, very understanding and patience.

  • @rubyjcat

    Ryan voiced for my video game dubbing project.
    He was friendly, enthusiastic, open-minded, and willing to work with the client to best achieve their vision of the character.
    His audio quality and delivery were excellent from the get-go. He provided a great variety of inflections between takes that were all so good, I had a hard time choosing the best ones!
    He also exceeded expectations to ensure quality not only from himself, but also for the project as a whole. The role involved timing lines to the animations, and he took care to come up with an extra line when my script didn't match up properly.
    Definitely someone I'd love to work with again!