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About VampireBre

Welcome to my CCC account! My name is Breanna, but I go by Bre more often!

I am an aspiring voice actor, hoping to get my voice out there into the voice acting community! I am new but I have been voicing things on my own in my room for several years now, slowly testing out different voices for different characters

I have about eight years of theatre under my belt, as well as eight years of choir!

Anyways, there really isn't much else about me at the moment! If you do have questions, you may message me or contact me below on my Discord!

Thank you for visiting! ❤︎

~Bre ❤︎


Discord: VampireBre#6811

Email: DM me for my email! 

  • @toritries

    She's a pickle in a group of things uglier than a pickle. She's great!

  • @luucarii

    Bre is a voice actress beaming with light and potential and I was honored to work with her! She takes great interests in projects she's casted for and she works incredibly hard to give her best performance. She's a great person and VA and I really do recommend her!

  • @saitogami1

    First and foremost, let me just say that Bre is a fantastic person and pleasure to work with. In this field that we are all trying to get into, it is common to see how people could become more competitive than they have to and in the end, treat others with disrespect and disgust. As dramatic as that sounds, it is the truth - and unfortunately, as we all continue to climb the ladder to achieve our goals, we are going to be seeing more people like that and it will become a norm.
    But why do I explain that? Because Bre is different.
    While I was in a Danganronpa project, I was able to meet Bre who was a talent to be reckoned with. She voiced as Toko Fukawa and my goodness... she sounded just like Amanda Celine Miller! I was blown away! Besides that though, the one trait that set her a part from many others (not saying that anyone on the DR project was bad) was not just her fantastic voice but her genuine personality.
    Bre is a pleasure to talk to and chat with. She will support you with any work you are doing and wants nothing more than to make sure you feel comfortable in your role and in the project. Overall, she just loves making friends and that actually is what makes her a fabulous talent to have for your project.
    While she works hard, gets in lines in on time, and does her best to bring her character to life, she will be a joy to work with, talk to, and become friends with in the long run. Like I said before, in this industry, people become so competitive that they turn into people that are not friendly and hard to work with. At the end of that road lies only more turmoil and trouble; But with Bre, you will get the exact opposite: hard work, dedication, and a genuine love for the project itself and the people in it.
    I highly recommend her to be on your team and I assure you, you won't be making a mistake.

  • @deleted142346

    Bre is, without a doubt, one of the most talented voice actors you will ever meet. With every role she’s cast for, she puts in 100% for the character and tries her damn hardest to bring that character to life with her voice.

    As friend, you will find it hard to find someone as kind-hearted and geniune as Bre. Whenever people feel like they aren’t good enough, you can bet that Bre will come forward and tell those people just how amazing they are and that they believe it. She’s honestly the best person you could wish for, whether that’s for a project or as a friend.

  • @presidentleon

    Although I have just met Bre, I firmly believe already that she is an incredibly talented voice actress with remarkable acting abilities and a wide range of voices to support those abilities. She has the ability to not only be open and honest about her personal self, but also has the talent and skill to completely embrace a character as if they were her own person. I absolutely recommend Bre 100%. She is a talented voice actor that always deserves a chance and appreciation for her work. I genuinely wish to speak and work with her more in the future, as she holds a friendly aura that always motivates the chat to be positive no matter where she goes or where she talks.

    In short, Bre is almost a necessary asset to any line-up of voice actors as she brings a positive spirit and hard working being to the table of any project she is cast into. I definitely can't wait to see what she does in the future, and how far she goes with this career!

  • @obsidian-and-barnabus

    Bre is by far one of the most talented voice-actors I've met 'ere, and is a pretty good friend to boot. Leaving out the theatrics, I'll just cut this short and say she's an incredible asset on any project she puts her mind to, and I'd highly recommend her for those projects. So, if she auditions for somethin' of yours, you better consider yourself lucky, bud! :D

  • @pommeu

    Bre is one of the nicest people i know, she is a great person with a great personality and always there to talk when you need it. I would recommend Bre not just for her amazing talent at voice acting. But for her wonderful caring self as a friend. xx

  • @brookemorganva

    Throughout my journey with Voice Acting, Bre's been one of the most supportive fellow voice actors I've worked with. She's always there with a compliment or a congratulations, and she's gracious when she receives compliments in return! She's easy going, professional, hardworking, and fun to work with. I highly recommend her voice acting, her vocal range is impressive and her acting ability is even more so! Not casting her would be a missed opportunity.

  • @deleted86926

    Bre is honestly not only an incredibly talented voice actor, but is also such a lovely and kind person to just be around. It's always a joy seeing her around on Danganronpa projects \o/

  • @sniffle

    She's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She's always so optimistic that she can make a lot of people feel better. Her voice acting is absolutely amazing and you should all check her out! She will not disappoint you. ❤

  • @silentecho

    Bre is such a welcoming, kind, and polite individual! She's extremely talented, and I'm absolutely wowed by how much she can do. Whenever I find myself working with her, I can't help but smile because of how welcoming, kind, and amazing she is to not just me, but everyone she meets!
    I can't even get into how amazingly, and respectfully Bre treats everybody, but what I can do is say how mature, and dedicated she is to any role she's cast for. It's easy to tell she puts her best foot forward in her lines, and auditions, and anything else.
    Basically, Bre is a perfect voice actor to cast if you want someone respectful, talented, and hardworking. Not only is she a voice actor, but an amazing friend to everyone. and I cannot recommend her enough.

  • @bearpuff4

    Bre and I have voiced in quite a few projects together now, and she has never ceased to impress me! She’s super talented, really friendly, and a very dedicated voice actress! She did an awesome job bringing my character to life, and always worked hard to send in her lines on time with great quality recordings. If you get an audition from Bre, straight up cast her! You will not regret working with her! She’s an awesome friend to have too ^-^

  • @powerfulsl

    Although I don't know here all too well I can definitely say she is great at what she does. She voiced Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa and she got it pretty spot-on if I do say so myself and I'm sure without a doubt she can definitely pull off other voices as well whether it be pre-existing or OC or anything like that. If you need someone who can do some decent female characters I'd for sure recommend her.

  • @aj_talley

    Bre is an extremely talented voice actress and incredibly genuine. She’s one of the sweetest and most down-to-earth VAs I’ve had the pleasure to work with. We are currently working on Andromeda 6 together and there’s no doubt in my mind that she is a rising talent - please don’t hesitate to cast her if she takes the time to audition. She will bring unfaltering love and care to any role she is given.

  • @abitat

    Don't mind me, just adding yet another recommendation to the long list~ I have had the pleasure of working with Bre as a voice actor and now as a director and friend. Bre is so lovely and sweet, as well as being amazingly talented! Her voice work is stellar quality, with rich emotional depth, improvisation, care and passion thrown into every line to really step into the characters' shoes. She honestly sounds professional and gives it her all. Bre is especially modest, which only makes her work even more magical. She is kind, extremely supportive of fellow cast members and determined to see projects through, which makes her a delight to have on any team. Her amazing audition rightfully earned her the role of Siberia, one of the main party members in our project and we are so excited to work with her. In summary, Bre is an talented, kind, supportive, friendly and incredible VA and team member to have in your project. I 110% guarantee you won't regret it. Annnd if you still don't believe me - just check out the other 14 recommendations XD x

  • @oreotime

    VampireBre voiced a main character, Amber, in my series The Dream Team, and she was amazing
    She has great performance and a positive attitude, and she always supports the rest of the team!! 
    Bre's voice was perfect for my character and she gets the job done with awesome emotion, control, and tone!  She can replicate sarcasm, happiness, bitterness, and a LOT more. 
    I also notice her voice in Danganronpa projects! VERY COOL!! She can do great impressions of characters and for original projects as well! 
    I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Bre as your VA! 

  • @sayhalogoodbye

    VampireBre delivered such a perfect, cute, sweet voice over for us, and she adds such an amazing sound to the project! 

  • @astra-the-greek

    Bre is just AMAZING! 100% recommend. She's just that good! Very talented! Friendly! Fast to submit lines! Bre is great to work with. If you are a director looking for VAs to cast, Bre should AND must be in your radar. You won't regret it!