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My name is Logan, I am a 21 year old voice actor, and have been doing this the past 7 years! If you are a casting director are interested in giving any critiques, please feel free to reach out!

Discord: Melancholy#0631

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  • @epic_new_moon

    With Losol as one of my talented VAs, I can say that he’s singlehandedly one of the most upbeat and forward-thinking people on my team. He’s never afraid to jump in when something is needed on any account, is always willing to provide creative thinking and optimistic teamwork, and won’t ever disappoint when it comes to voice acting and improving his skills. He’s always positive and has a bright attitude, and assists tremendously on all accounts, whether it’s with art, writing, or just being there emotionally. Without being asked, he puts extra work in, even if it’s just for fun, providing extra lines to practice his character or jumpstarting our server when morale is low. I would highly recommend him for any role, as he’ll do basically anything to attempt improve himself to fit your vision to a T. Losol is an amazing VA and an even better friend, and I can confidently say that I’m very glad I casted him! <3

  • @obsidian-and-barnabus

    So! What's there to say about Losol that can't be said just from hearin' 'im? Well, for those reading this WITHOUT having heard his auditions, lemme just let you in on a secret...They're bloody fantastic! Losol is a great voice-actor; one of the best I know, and, if that wasn't enough, he's a fun person t'be around as well. I'd recommend him for whatever in all hell he wants to audition for, and count yourself lucky if he were to audition for one a' your things.

  • @keysaudio

    Losol lended his voice acting talent, cast as Satoru Minamikawa in the 'let's play dub for Magical Eyes: Red is for Anguish' project. His delivery works well and his performance overall is great. Losol is always keen to get started and attends recording sessions on time. Losol is great with direction and always provides an amazing take when pushed in the right 'direction'. I would love to work with Losol again.

  • @emiliaazuri

    His voice is super nice. ^^

  • @soundhood

    Losol is an incredible voice actor. He wast cast as Shiroe in our Log Horizon parody and did a fantastic job. He is always happy to help and delivers lines at record speed.

    We appreciate your work and would love to borrow your services again :)

  • @thal1989

    This is a long time overdue, but Losol voiced a Chapter for my Legend of Zelda audiobook project. He is very persistent, easy to communicate with, and was very understanding about having to tweak some parts of the audiobook, which made him a pleasure to work with.

    Much recommended!

  • @tsut

    Really active in Voice Acting community, and really versatile as well. Just listen to his previous works, this man is a legend. If that wasn't enough to convince you, he's also very good at Minecraft.

  • @suza

    I really enjoyed working with Losol. He is an excellent VA and very responsive when last-minute changes are needed. His lines always came in crystal clear and it was a pleasure to work with him. I recommend him completely.

  • @lachlan_megatrio

    If you want an old man, this is your old man. This guy can literally do the most endearing old man voice you ever hear and it fit amazingly for the role of the extra roles he fills in the Fairy Tail abridged project we work on together. His audio quality is great and his comedic delivery is excellent. He's punctual and honestly there is nothing more I could possibly want from a guy that I literally cast as an old man. Absolutely amazing. Highly recommend.