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About TylerL

Hello! My name is Tyler and I am Voice Actor on the rise. (at least that's what I like to believe) I specialize in prankster/troublemaker characters, but I can do a much wider range of characters. 

Current or previous works:
-Danganronpa: New World Order
-Danganronpa: Mystic Mayhem
-Winter Moon Rises Comic Dub
-Death Note: Let's all be friends Fandub
-Danganronpa Reboot
-Danganrona Inferno
-Danganronpa Naimononedari
-Danganrona v3:Killing Harmony-The Musical
-Danganronpa Rejuvenation
-Danganronpa Rumbling Skies
-Danganronpa Despair Daze
-Danganronpa Consequential Desires
-Danganronpa: Forest of Despair
-Fire Emblem Support Conversations
-Danganronpa Broken Luck
-Danganronpa Bootleg Hell

  • @sethfuzzy

    Tyler is one of the best people you could ever ask to meet. Not only is he a great voice actor with a great range and acting skill. He also has a can do personality and friendly attitude that makes him perfect to have in your project and fun to be around. The question isn't why should you cast him? It's why haven't you?

  • @schnerder

    Tyler is a one in a million individual. What can I say about him? His talent, though it speaks for itself, is incredible. But what's more important to me is how good of a friend he's become over the time I've known him on this site. He and I have been in several projects together, and he is the first person I ever drove three hours just to meet! He is punctual, dedicated, and has an incredible range! So yeah, though it sounds like I'm blowin' smoke up his ass, and I don't deny that, I do genuinely mean every word I say. Tyler's a great hire, you can take my word for it.