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    About Project: Vigilante, Game Changers Arc


    First off, just want to throw out a thank you for checking out this project! Please do consider participating in it, and checking out the Patreon:

    IMPORTANT: This is a form to determine who's still active on the voice acting scene, if you've been shortlisted, you're strongly encouraged to complete it:
    There's also an opportunity to arrange a rehearsal (optional) so even if you've not been shortlisted, you can come along to practice, change my mind or just have fun!

    What is Project: Vigilante?

    'Project: Vigilante' is, or will soon be, a bunch of random, simple, animated skits, mainly depicting the life experiences of Reaper a.k.a. Rifa.

    Plot to the skits;

    A fictional world where a group of friends establish a crime-fighting firm and act as vigilantes whilst also trying to undo the effects of the mutation that had befallen them at the start of this all. They befriend and make enemies of the most peculiar of people along the way and learn about the world and people around them.

    Over time, the skits will be less random, and if the project is successful and gets a big enough team, I’m hoping to turn it into something much more complex and bigger.

    Is this a paid project?

    This is a project made for fun, not fame, so it's an unpaid project as of now but this could change later on should the project be successful. I do believe in rewarding work, however, so I'll see what can be arranged. Please consider this unpaid until then.

    Information regarding roles:

    This project has no deadline, except for those that are stated in the character description.

    Please consider your availability, as I would preferably like voice actors who can stick around until the completion of the project which, as with a lot of animations, could be years from now, especially as I’m currently the only animator/editor/music composer/writer. I won't be asking for too many lines regularly, as characters won't always reappear in every skit.

    I will be updating this project every few months such as adding more roles, making announcements regarding the project etc.

    For convenience sake, please make sure to have/create a Discord account if you get casted, although this isn’t compulsory. Announcements, rehearsals, sharing draft work and discussion will be taking place on a Discord server. For those that are unable to, I’ll be sending emails.

    And finally, feel free to try out more than one role and make up some lines if you think they'll fit, have fun with it! I do hope you'll be on board and I look forward to working with you!

    If you need more information on the project, characters or anything else, get in touch! I'm a beginner at this sort of thing, so I'm open to suggestions and extra help too: [[email protected]
       (No brackets in the email)

    All the best!

    a.k.a. Rifa x

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold