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About MrAlbein

Hi, I'm Joseph, but most people call me Joe or Valentia.

Throughout my childhood I always found myself drawn to impressions and voices, and I could never quite tell why. I still don't know where this love for voice acting comes from, but I've always been interested in it, even as a kid. As I'm older now and have the means to do so, I decided to try and get myself involved in community projects, which leads here. What you find below is basic information that I'm going to list for those who are either directors or just plainly interested.

I am in the EST timezone and you can pretty much reach me at any time, but if I don't respond it's safe to assume I'm asleep, hahaha.

Info -

Range: My voice ranges can go between a higher medium and lower medium.

Age: I am currently 18.

discord: Valentia#0005


Roles (Casted):

Eliwood - (Fire Emblem)
Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd - (Fire Emblem)

Euden - (Dragalia Lost)
Dave Strider - (Homestuck)
Edmond Dantes - (Fate/Grand Order)
Merlin - (Fate/Grand Order)
Judeau - (Berserk)
Yamata No Orochi - (Onmyoji - Team Avalon)
Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts - Team Avalon)

  • @cytorose

    In the relatively short amount of time I've worked with Joe, it's was easy to see the passion he has for voice acting. You'll always find him willing to not only improve himself, but help his fellow colleges improve. I can assure you that working with Joe will be a delight. Not to mention that he does some pretty sweet efforts.

  • @andrewdragon32

    Altho my project was open for weeks
    He done a great job voicing main character for a FE comic
    Realy motivat and nice guy
    Great VA and hope we get to work in future projects

  • @keisilverstar

    As a voice actor, MrAlbein is just spectacular. He's got great enunciation, a clear voice, very nice tone, and is an absolute joy to listen to. Need a good boy in your life? He's got you covered.

    As a person, he's also great! He's unafraid to let you know what you can work on and when he wants to support you, and he's easy to work with as well while being contrarian enough to let others know when he feels a project isn't going in the right direction. He's a great friend and an excellent coworker who can maintain jokes and light conversation, and any who casts him in a project will be lucky to have him.

  • @daniellewhite

    As someone who is part of ongoing projects with me, Valentia is exactly the type of voice actor that will go far in this industry. He's passionate and has incredible range, on top of being a great person to work with. He delivers lines quickly and isn't afraid to take the time on projects to make sure he gives you exactly what you're looking for. With his talent, I hope he has a future career as a voice actor and I look forward to seeing his work as he grows.

  • @artryid

    Since joining Team Avalon's youtube channel, MrAlbein has been the most supportive and helpful people on the team. Not only does he never shy away from anything the director asks of him, but he also manages to put together voice work that is outstanding. I'm really glad that I get to work with him and I hope to continue to do so while we both grow in our fields.