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About not-on-helium

Hello there!

I’m Roari, and I use she/her pronouns! Here I go by not-on-helium, but you'll probably know me as Roari!

Despite being interested in the industry, I didn't begin voice acting until August, 2019. I use Audacity to record! I'm interested in many different types of characters and projects. I'm open to learning and adapting myself to fit whatever role I work with. I'm also a casual youtaite/cover vocalist! Feel free to message me anytime! I'm willing to help wherever I can with the time I have (as long as it's not NSFW)!

I hope you like my work and maybe drop me a follow! It was nice to see you :))

  • @lindz

    Not-On-Helium, or Roari, is such an amazingly talented voice actor with lots of potential, and endless positivity. Working with her is always such a delight! She’s a hard worker, very determined and committed to whatever project she’s in. Always doing the absolute best she can, and being absolutely awesome at every role she’s gotten! She’s also a great friend, very kind and caring, and is always there to inspire and lift up the spirits of others if they’re feeling down! I love working with her so much, and hope to keep doing so in many future projects! If you get the chance to work with her, definitely take it! She would be an amazing addition to any voice acting team out there!!! :)

  • @venomclaus

    Rory has been an amazing person to work with in all regards. She's incredibly encouraging towards the whole VA team and brings an energy you really couldn't find elsewhere. Not only does she use this energy to push others to their limits, but she expresses it fantastically in the characters she voices as well. There's always very clear life and care in the voices she performs. On a personal level, she's helped me feel a lot more confident in my own performances and vocal ability. Rory is both a superb voice actor and a superb friend. Absolutely recommend her in her merit as a person alone, and her vocal capabilities certainly don't fall short, either.

  • @lexielarsen

    Rory is one of the most incredible voice actresses I have ever met. She has an extraordinary voice that can hit an impressive amount of tones and pitches. She truly has the most adorable voice ever! She is very committed to her projects and works hard to make them a success. As exceptional as her voiceover abilities are, she has the kindest soul. Rory is a ball of optimism and positivity. She is easy to befriend and always makes me feel loved and wanted. I love working with her and would highly recommend casting/working with Rory, you will certainly not regret it.

  • @deleted149306


    Wonderful voice actress and singer! Would love to work with her again, she's a great friend and real joy to be around. Her talent and hard work is absolutely mind blowing and she'd be a perfect addition to any team! I plan to work with her on multiple future clips and projects, she's such a delight!

  • @yummy9987

    Rory's voice has such a crisp high-pitched voice that not only suit many character in voice acting, but also when singing. If it isn't just the voice that sells it for you, it'd be the acting. She can laugh, cry, scream, and much more, even if she says otherwise. Not only is she talented, she is a positive and bright person that she brings everywhere throughout every server she's in. A few words from her would brighten anyone's day. She cares about the well-being of nearly everyone she knows, and would know what to say when someone is down. In other words, she is a great addition to any project, and maybe in yours. ;D

  • @danithepancake

    I remember seeing the recommendations on the side for the first time and I thought, "Wow, you can do these? I have to do one for Roari soon; she deserves one from me." But my computer died when I wrote it, and I lost the whole thing. This recommendation is well overdue; I apologise.
    However, this is worth the re-write because I’m really grateful she offered to do a voice role for me. This is the first project I’ve done that other people have done voice clips for, so I was nervous and very messy with communicating in the project server. However, she was very quick on the mark and submitted her lines much faster than I anticipated. In fact, she gave me the first draft of her lines within a single month.
    Her voice lines were full of energy. I do wonder if it’s just a trait of hers, because she was full of life in the server too. She hadn’t done Baby Rosalina before, but she went for it; listened to the official voice clips, and gave it her all. The plan was to integrate hers with the official ones (since there’s only one set of official clips) and, honestly, I’d say the results were really good! She was responsive to feedback, and always stayed positive. She was promising from the very start.
    As a sufferer of Asperger’s Syndrome, her amiability is very welcoming. Even if I don’t really express that to her because I’m very introverted, she really deserves this praise - a big thank you from me! If you’re looking for a supportive voice actress, who can do a high-pitched voice filled with lots of passion and energy, perhaps Roari is what you’ve been looking for...

    (The final work isn't ready yet for numerous reasons, but I currently have two videos where her voice clips are used. The video I'll link at the bottom has timestamps to where they are used. Her voice clips are used more in the other video, but it does not have timestamps. The link to that one is here:

  • @eggutamaplz


    Roari is one of the kindest and sweetest people I know in the community I am in. She's so supportive, cheers on others, and honestly emits such a welcoming aura when she interacts with others. Believe me, she MAKES IT KNOWN that she's proud of you and that she's supporting you with all her might! And not only does she have such great personality traits, she has an AMAZING voice! Though I can't speak personally about her VA work (but I do indeed trust the recommendations that praise her on such!), I love hearing her sing. If you ever need a singer with a higher-ranged voice, Roari would be my first recommendation! She's extremely talented, and I'd say there's clear reasons why she has six (now soon to be seven!) recommendations on her page. If I had the staffing skills I'd almost immediately ask to collab with her!

    Overall, she's an amiable, hard-working person with a great voice to boot! She'd be a wonderful option for anyone to work with, and maybe even be a friend to.

  • @lotussama

    Roari is an amazing VA and an incredible singer! Not many people have this super cute and pretty high normal voice! She is also super duper nice!!!! Having her in one of your project is a must! I love you my friend! :D♥

  • @nicholasfosterva

    I met Roari almost a year ago but didn’t really talk to her much. In the past I would’ve called her an amazing voice actress, but now I can also amazing friend to her list of skills. She always gives fantastic performances, so do yourself a favor and cast her in your project!

  • @kebbyva

    Rory is such a genuinely talented person in all regards, it's incredible. She can sing, she can voice act, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if she could fly. In all seriousness though, if the opportunity presents itself, cast Rory in your project. Give her money if you can.

  • @cgz

    Roari, is by far one of the most laidback peeps I've met! She has a great personality when talking to her and she always gives out positive vibes. That ain't all though! Her vocal cords are great (godly) when it comes to singing and voice acting. The amount of effort she puts into every project she's in is fantastic to say the least! Definitely excited to finish up somethings I've worked on with her in the future. So, if you need someone for a song duet or voice over project then Roari is the right person to go to!


  • @zaxtrem

    Having her on my project was a spectacular experience. She is an extremely fun and understanding person and on top of that, has LOTS of Voice Acting potential. She voiced Iva, a small kid in my project INCREDIBLY! I couldn't have asked for a better Voice Actress for the character, I didn't need a retake of a line ever - Displayed really good understanding and relating to the character she was voicing, which is essential if you want to deliver top quality lines. She's definitely someone you would want on your project!!

  • @gtvoices

    ROARI !! Where do I even begin, Roari is such an amazingly talented person. An all around person who is just the sweetest by nature; she's a fast worker and always is ready to take action while tackling a new project! Being partnered with her in a project is always such a blast, she's very flexible when talking about deadlines while still remaining professional. She's very considerate about those around her, and it's always nice to see her when she's in a VC. She seriously makes situations so much brighter with her around!! Being in anything with her will sure to make you smile just as much as it has for me.

  • @deleted296738

    What can I say about Riley? She was professional and turned in quality work! You couldn't go wrong including her in one of your productions! I look forward to working with her again in the near future!