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About CrimockLyte

Hello everyone! My name is Alex "Crimock" Hankin, and I'm just someone looking to persue their passion for voice acting!

Please feel free to ask me anything!

Discord: CrimockLyte#9890

Youtube channel (Post my own vids with commentated content):

  • @zaxtrem

    I've had amazing Voice Acting delivered from him! In a long-running project, (So far we've been going for 24 weeks and he stayed with us for 19~ weeks) he met EVERY single deadline up until he finished all of his lines that the character had. Now keep in mind ALL of my deadlines were ONE week only (Weekly Episodes), and not once did he need to take a break, he always met them! He's seriously dedicated and takes everything SERIOUS when he signs up for them. I'm so glad to have gotten him on my project and I wish you further luck in everything you do!!

  • @celestivalproject

    Alex has been a lifesaver for Celestival. After finishing the podcast project, we realized that we needed a narrator for the teaser trailers ASAP. Alex was very flexible and open the first time we casted him, but since we loved the first trailer so much, we asked him again to narrate for us. In a couple days, we received the lines and there was no problem. I highly recommend Alex for your project, because he is trustworthy, hardworking, and an overall nice person to have on your team!

  • @lizzyrenee

    I cast Alex as a minor role in my project, but nonetheless he gave it his all and was a wonderful addition to the team. His acting skill is fantastic; the lines sound natural, the pacing is great, and the character felt realistic. Alex was a delight to have as part of the cast, and I highly recommend him!