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About Ken_Rou


Hello! My name is Shion Otsuka/Ken_Rou, but you can just call me Ken. I am a 4th generation Japanese American, and I do voice acting and script writing as a hobby. Pleased to be voicing for you!

General Bio:
23 years old (Pisces)

Demigirl (She/They)

From Illinois, USA

Singing (Voice Range is Baritone/Bass 1, E2 to F5)

Voice Acting

Script Writing

My Credentials:
Member of International Thespian Society (Inducted in High School)
Former member of Madrigal Singers (High School & College)
Certified with N1 Level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Done minor work in fan projects 
Received callback for the Bang-Zoom open audition at Anime Central 2019
Semi-finalist in Now Voice This! 4 competition
Currently serving as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan
English (Fluent)
Japanese (Fluent)
Italian (Singing only)
German (Singing only)

  • @tenunded

    Ken is a fantastic voice actor who continues to impress myself and the rest of the Alpha Team with the quality of his work. His rendition of Sigmund, the Ultimate Philosopher and an OC for my fan project, fits my vision of the character perfectly. Of particular note is his ability to adapt the curious mannerisms demanded of the role in a manner that is flawless, while simultaneously maintaining a distinct and even disconcerting realism.

    In addition, he is also to be lauded for his overall professionalism, punctuality with line delivery, and approachability. I look forward to continuing to work with him, and it is my strong belief that he would be a valuable addition to any project that wishes to make use of his immense talents.

  • @zel

    Ken is so awesome to be around! Love their voice so much (can you marry a voice?) As a director, I've loved working with them! I totally want to get to know them better!

  • @rvallure

    I asked Ken completely out of the blue on Discord to translate a pretty long fancomic of Fate/Grand Order one day. He was nice and enthusiastic about it, especially since we were strangers at that point. When I got the document with the TLs, I was impressed he managed to do such a high quality work in a short amount of time out of the blue, too. Even my editor has nothing but praises for him.

    Definitely recommend him if you need a translator for Japanese to English and vice versa! 10/10 would work with him again.