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About Casting Call "ALIEN - The Message" / Animation *paid*

Hi there,

my name is René Jacob, I am from Germany and I am 43 years old. I do movie editing for living and in my spare time I create movies with the machinima software “iClone”.

Several months ago I started my new movie project.  


“Alien – The Message”


The story is based on the one and only sify movie “Alien” from 1979. So it’s in some way a fan movie, but not really. I do work in the movie business for years (movie editing) and I do those projects in my spare time, just because … I want to.

Plot Summary:


A dark room. Six cryo chambers can be seen. All are empty but one isn’t. In there is EMILY WATER and she is sleeping. Suddenly the cryo chamber open its door and EMILY wakes up. She gets up confused and disoriented and alone. As she walks through the silent corridors of the spaceship HORIZON she is alone. EMILY reaches the cockpit and as she looks through the big window, EMILY sees the landscape of the planetoid LV-426. Now EMILY realizes. The ship never left this deserted planetoid. They are still on that planet. EMILY runs to the communication room and talks to the main computer of the HORIZON. The computer tells her, that everyone else on board is dead and there is another life form on the ship and it’s not human …



EMILY WATERS – who is she?


EMILY WATERS is 39 years old. She was born in the old parts of New York and she worked hard to earn her way to the college. She moved to California to study Geology. Since then her big dream was to travel in space and explore new foreign worlds. But she never got the chance to do this. Instead she works for several companies, analyzing material which other people got from distant planets. EMILY fell in love with a colleague of her. They got married, but several years later they decided to separate. EMILY has no children and she never wanted any. Her work dictates her life.

One of the companies, she worked for, was Wayland Yutani. That company asked her to get on board of a space ship, called HORIZON. The journeys destination was a small planetoid – LV426. The goal of this expedition was to check out the richness of minerals, to evaluate the possibilities of mining. EMILY accepted asap and some days later the journey started. On board were six people, including EMILY. She liked the captain – BURKE ANDERSON and they started an affair. But time was short, because the crew had to go to hyper sleep, to survive the long trip to LV-426. 

Here are some pictures from first scenes I made for the movie


UPDATE 12/02/2017

Here are two Youtube links to show you some early scenes frome the movie.

Link 1: A montage of some sets we already created

Link 2: First scenes from the movie to show you the look and feel ...

UPDATE 12/26/2017

Here are some screens from scenes I created within the last two weeks ...



What kind of voice do I need? (main character EMILY WALTERS)


First of all, I do not need those very high pitched female voices which are often being heard in those Japanese animations. I need a calm, down to earth like voice and it would be good if the actress is not too young, because the portrayed age is the late 30s. The voice actress should be able to create subtle emotions in the different lines. That’s not an easy task and that’s why I am willing to pay for the job.



This is a private project with no financial interests. I do this movie, because I want to do this. But I know, that I can’t demand a good performance without paying some money.


The two main characters (EMILY WATERS; Dr. NOLAN) will be paid around 5 Euro per line.


DR NOLAN = 90€


The smaller parts will get payed as follows:





I will pay the money via Paypal. Be sure to have an account there. I only work with persons who are at least 18 years old.

Please record the lines in:   WAV; 16bit; 48Khz

If you have a demo reel, feel free to send this along with the recorded lines.

Best regards

René Jacob

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