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About LeoWigginsVO

Some people pay me to talk, some pay me to sing. Some people wish they could pay me to shut up. Currently I hang out in Brooklyn, New York.

I studied Acting with the Barrow Group in NYC, and I studied Voice Acting with Elizabeth B at Shut Up and Talk in NYC. I have over a decade of professional singing experience and am not afraid to use it.

Let's talk. We can make something great together.

Shut Up & Talk - 2016

Private Lessons

Instructed by Elizabeth Bunnell

Trained under Elizabeth for Commercial Voice Acting and had my Commercial Demo produced by her and the team at Hyperbolic Audio in New York. She was great, gave me a lot of good work to do on my own to better understand voiceover.

  • @flatlight-productions

    Leo is an really professional voice actor. he provides lines very quickly and in fantastic quality. If some lines dont sound good to you he will make sure that the lines workout for you. He also responds really fast too, if you need to ask him something.
    Overall, he was an fantastic voice actor for my project, and he was really fun person to chat around!
    I'd Recommend him to everyone!

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Leo provided the voice for a a small role but he really made the character his own. The character stood out more thanks to him.
    Good audio quality and fast turn around time.