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About angelic mango

You need a no nonsense soldier? How about an artificial intelligence with a dry sense of humor? Or better yet a ruling evil queen hell bent on seizing the land for herself? Then I'm your girl!

Hello! My name is Alexandra and I have lent my voice to games, personal projects, and machinimas for over eight years now. I am continuing to sharpen my skills through VO training! 

I am on Sound Cadence's Voice Over Roster.

Accents: General American, American Southern, Russian

Specialties: Proficient in Russian Language

Discord alias: AngelOnMySholdr#0932

Studio Specs:

Yeti Pro

Motu M2 Audio Interface

Pop Filter

Acoustic Foam Stand

Acoustic foam

Want to watch my YouTube shenanigans? Come take a look:


De-Void - Lead Voice of Elizabeth Woolgather - Pulsetense Games   3:47

HEVN- Nataliya Motya - MIGA Collabs  

Tailor Tales Otome Game – Evelin - Celianna

Mabel Podcast - Aconite - Becca De La Rosa and Mabel Martin

May- Larry the Storm Trooper

Maha Salig- Loose Canon- Callyann Hamilton

Leopard Glasses Lady- Artifice- Eric Bickernicks

+3 projects I am under NDA for.

Voice Over Training with John Wang

  • @payne91

    Angelic Mango was very professional and great to work with. I would love to work with her again sometime!

  • @crash6787

    You are dealing with an absolute power house here. A real pro. Angelic Mango is brimming with talent and it shows on her demo. If you choose her for your project, I can assure you, you will NOT be disappointed.