Experienced voice actor for video games (100+ titles). I'm your friendly Australian, Standard North American and British RP voice for characters!

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About aimeesmithva

Featured Video Game Work: SMITE, Mobile Legends, Cloudpunk, Adeptus Titanicus Dominus (Warhammer40k), Dark Deception, Freedom Planet, Battlerite, Crush Crush, Bum Simulator, Levelhead, Best Friend Forever, Clea, Siegecraft Commander, Heroes Arena

Featured Animation Work: Lil Wild, Hands Up, Sunset Paradise, Unicorn Girls

Feature Anime Work: Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, Dragon Goes House Hunting

Featured Commercial Work: Telstra, Lindemans, Contiki, Brown Brothers, Highgrove Bathrooms, Recruit for Good, Petmarket, Yoghurtland, Soul Origin, QUT, Campos Coffee, Homeseeker SA, NOVA

Workshops/Classes I've Taught:
  Voicebooth Guest Lecturer at Gamer and Animation VO Workshop (Sydney 18)
  Oz Comic-Con Panelist - 'Voiceover for Australians!' (Sydney, 18)
  Border Dimensions Panelist - 'Q&A about Voiceover' (Albury, 18)
  Campbelltown Library Panelist - 'International Games Week: Q&A' (Campbelltown, 18)
  Eaglevale High School Speaker - 'International Women's Day: Speaker' (Eaglevale, 18)
  Central Coast Comic-Con - 'Voiceover for Australians' (Gosford, 19)
  SMASH Panelist - 'How to Find Character Voiceover Work' (Sydney, 19)
  SMASH Panelist - 'Mock Video Game Auditions!' (Sydney, 19)
  GCAP Panelist - 'How To Find the Right Voice Actors For You Game' (Melbourne, 19)
  Voices of Tomorrow Workshop - 'Video Game Voice Acting Workshop' (Melbourne, 19)
  PAX Panelist - 'How To Find Character Voice Acting Work' (Melbourne, 19)
  Voices of Tomorrow Workshop x 2 - 'Video Game Voice Acting Workshop' (Melbourne, 19)
  Voicebooth Guest Lecturer - Virtual 'Video Game Voiceover Discussion' (Online, 20)
  Freeplay Panelist - Virtual 'Mock Video Game Auditions' (Online, 20)




KochaSound - 2018

‘Anime ABCs’ online

Instructed by Brittany Lauda

Erin Fitzgerald - 2020

1:1 Online VO Character Coaching Session

Instructed by Erin Fitzgerald

Real Voice LA - 2020

‘Book it while having FUN’ Animation Online Workshop

Instructed by Kirsten Day

Adventures in Voice Acting (AiVA) - 2021

‘Auditioning Techniques’ online workshop

Instructed by Tony Oliver

Extraterrible Studios - 2020

‘ADR Class’ online workshop

Instructed by Kira Buckland

Extraterrible Studios - 2021

‘Intermediate ADR Workshop’ online

Instructed by Jason Lord

Everett Oliver - 2021

‘Animation VO Workout’ class

Instructed by Everett Oliver

David Sobolov - 2021

'1:1 Online Character VO Session'

Instructed by David Sobolov

Demos & Samples

Animation Demo - Aimee Smith

Aimee has recorded for the kids animation show Lil Wild on Netflix, Unicorn Girls on Binge and Sunset Paradise as funded by Screen Australia. She has even been fortunate enough to have roles dubbing in the anime shows Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle and Dragon Goes House Hunting which is streaming on Funimation. This demo features some of her vocal range across her native Australian accentStandard North American accent and British RP accent.

Commercial Demo - Aimee Smith

Aimee is represented nationally in Australia with her awesome agent, EM Voices.
She has recorded everything from TVCs to radio ads to internet ads on Spotify, for companies including Telstra, Brown Brothers, Contiki, Amazon Prime, Lexus and many more.

Audiobook Demo - Aimee Smith

A job compilation demo that features my work on the following audiobooks:
1. 'Reckless: The Terran Sea Chronicles' by Jenetta Penner and David R Berstein
Voice Traits: Standard North American, male and female character narration
2. 'The Tortoise and the Hare' by TaleThings
Voice Traits: British RP, male and female character narration, animalistic vocal types
3. 'FLY: Financially Literate Youth' by Marlies and Jai Hobbs
Voice Traits: Australian (native), female young adult, non-fiction narration

Video Game Demo - Aimee Smith

Aimee has recorded for over 100 games, including titles such as: SMITE, Mobile Legends, Freedom Planet and Dark Deception.
This demo features some of her vocal range across her native Australian accent, Standard North American accent and British RP accent.


Happy to send you my rate card - As rates are determined by big studios vs indie status, length of script, number of characters and the selected medium your project is in (video games, animation, audiobooks, etc).

  • @mysteryegggames

    Aimee is a fantastic addition to anycast. She plays the villain in our game and does a fantastic job. She's prompt, she's efficient, and she has the highest quality amongst all of our actors. We look forward to continuing our relationship with her into the future!

  • @penguinpotential

    Aimee is a very talented Australian voice actress who can do American, British, and Aussie accents with the flip of a switch. She does very well with dark, brooding characters. Aimee gives it her all and makes sure she meets her deadlines through thick and thin! Keep an eye on this one, guys, cause she's going places!

  • @happybroccoli

    I'm the creator of School Wars!! - a high school adventure game and casted Aimee as "Mila", one of the main characters. Aimee has been incredibly professional to work with. She is responsive, produces her work quickly and in very high quality. Because of her amazing talent and range I would very much love to cast her for more characters in the game! Anyone who has Aimee on their project can call themselves lucky!

  • @sad-panda-studios

    Aimee is a bolt of lightning! When she auditioned for several of our characters, she brought such incredible energy, vivaciousness and comedy to her performances that we simply couldn't pick just one, and gave her two. Her range is impeccable, her tone is crisp and clear, and she is undaunted by even the most tongue-twister-y of scripts. She is amazing, and we look forward to working with her more in the future.

  • @caznir

    Aimee is an amazing voice actor! She got to voice Near Velscave in my thesis animation. Aimee brought sass and a particular flair to the character I have never thought of before.

    She was exceedingly fun to work with and professional, going above and beyond expectations. I would very much like to work with her again and also look forward to seeing her future endeavors!

    Thank you so much!