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About SlashleyVA

Hey my name's Ash! I've been acting since 2016 on stage and on film. I've been interested in being an actor for the better part of my life. Voice acting specifically has become a huge passion of mine that I am going to take all the way to a full time career. I'm currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona and so my schedule for recording runs on MST.

I've acted in many productions involving plays, musicals, short films, videogames, animations, and comedy skits. 

  • @otellino

    CritikalMiss provided the voices for some of the Enclave Soldiers in my Fallout 4 Modification, and delivered an absolutely astounding performance.
    The role involved various talking parts as well as combat dialogue which included exclamations and shouts. He did all of it absolutely perfectly, all the while being a complete joy to work with. I could not recommend him highly enough!

  • @rubbish-log

    He's giving great depth to our villain Ultovin, such a great voice. Whether it's a live session, or lines sent via zip, he's excellent in his interpretation and performance. He's a pleasure to work with.