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About Silentecho

Hello there! 

Thanks for clicking on my profile! I’m Echo.

I started voice acting around 4 or 5 years ago, and have been doing stage acting for longer; considering my musical family, I always grew up around theater and songs.

What kind of voices can you do?

Most people, (including me) consider my regular speaking voice to be medium pitched. Some might say it’s medium low, though.

I can pull off any range from around medium low to high. Feel free to ask if there's any role you think I might fit!


Want to get in contact with me?

silent_echo_ (Discord) *

@s1lentexho (Instagram)

If you can, I’d prefer you message over discord)


I’m a minor, and therefore can not and will not audition or participate in 18+ projects. Please don’t ask.

Other than that though, I have no triggers and am fine with most roles/projects.

  • @0sin0

    Echo and i have been in many projects together , and she is a joy to work with , she is funny , kind and just in general a wonderful person and most definitely an amazing friend . Because i'm in several projects with them i can see they have a great work ethic and i couldn't ask for a better person to work with. they can do many impressions ranging from Maki Harukawa , Angie Yonaga , Chiaki Nanami and many more. You'd be missing out if they weren't on your team.

  • @tsunanami17

    E C H O!!!!
    A few months ago, I opened up a casting call for my fanganronpa project, Driven Betrayal. Echo auditioned for a few characters, but there was one that really stuck with me that I just HAD to pick.
    Her voice for Kaoru Nakame.
    It was so classy, so calm, so... poetic. (makes sense for the qualified youth haiku poet i )
    It fit the character perfectly, and she clearly loved it too!
    Her lines had no errors in them whatsoever!
    Also, I can tell that she's very dedicated to whatever projects she is in! She's currently drawing some CGs for the videos and splash arts!
    Echo also mods the discord server!!
    Echo is also a great friend too, and will always talk to me whenever no one else would! (nice work on singing gaston in the vc :D)
    Anyways, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cast Echo for your projects! She's one of the best people you can find on here!)
    1000/10 would recommend!!

  • @vampirebre

    What can I even say about Echo??
    This girl is so talented and amazing in everything she does! Each audition that she does wows me and pulls me in, making me believe that she is the character! She can think up ways to add little improve lines and showcase how fitting she is for her roles and auditions, making it ten times better!
    Every time I end up in a project with her, I have a smile on my face because I know I will have someone who is positive and helpful towards others, as well as someone dedicated to the role who will motivate the others in the project. I recommend her for any lineup of voice actors because she is absolutely amazing <3

  • @akp

    aaaaaaa Where can I even begin with Echo! She is probably the most talented person you will ever meet on CCC! She has a very versatile voice, ranging from deeper, more serious characters, to higher, bubbly characters, all while bringing a unique fee to the character. She is a great artist and a brilliant writer as well! She has an amazing personality and is just, so humble and nice and aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    In short, Echo is an amazing and talented VA, who is just an absolute joy to work with! You'd be missing out if you didn't hire her!

  • @cailiosa

    ECHO! aaaaa, sacre bleu, what a great girl! Even if she's working on a lot of projects, she's doing her work perfectly and she's really invest in what she's doing. It's always a pleasure to work with her, since she can be very professional, but also bubbly in the same time. AND HER ART WORKS!!! She have the soul of an artist.

  • @aji

    silentecho is a bitch and I hate her to death i beat her up because she is ugly and stupid and i hate her she stupid but she's also ok sometimes

  • @mrlanier

    What can i say about Echo that hasn't already.......nope. Can't think of nothin' original so lemme just "Echo"(get it) these other recommendations. Echo is fantastic to work with, she puts in her all into her characters and can transition into said character when needed. Please please PLEASE if she auditions for your work give her a chance.

  • @lavendere

    Echo is absolutely amazing! Working with her is super fun and very talented! She came onto our project first as a voice actor but then was able to provide us with help doing art! I couldn't recommend her more to anyone considering hiring her!

  • @applre

    yeah, she does the cool voice thing sometimes

  • @v-meister71

    Silentecho is a very talented individual! I had them voice in a comic dub I made and their vocal range provided me some great satisfaction. Casting her for your projects is a big must, as she is the type to provide great talent! I also happen to work with her in a fangan, and they are enjoyable to be around let alone listen to their work.
    Cast Silentecho for your projects! You will be glad you did!

  • @rippilie

    ECHO! Yes! She's an incredible VA Who also does amazing art! She's wonderful and her quality is spectacular! Her energy is through the roof and her range always shocks me with how wide it is! She's a pleasure to work with and I'd highly recommend working with her!

  • @mralienatedmk2

    Echo isnt just an amazing voice actress, dedicated to her work and a provider of Quality work, she's also an amazing friend, fun to work with and brings a certain charm wherever she goes, if your thinking about casting Echo in a project i implore you to do so as you will not regret it, she will bring her all wherever she goes!

  • @calvin-wilks

    SilentEcho recently voiced in a project of mine as two different characters, and sent in her lines with incredible quality. I recommend inviting Echo to voice in your project as she will absolutely bring a bright and strong voice to it. Thanks for being part of my project, Echo!! We all loved your lines.

  • @hollys

    I asked Echo to play a role in one of my YouTube videos and I'm very pleased with her work. She embodied her character perfectly, was easy to communicate with, and happy to work with me to get her performance just right. She did a fantastic job with her role and I will definitely look to her in the future when I need VA work. I'd highly recommend her for anyone seeking a VA for their project! 

  • @aji

    my first recommendation was so mean LOL i promise it was totally satirical but anyway. she has so much talent and range and is also a very mature and kind individual so lets crowdfund echo a neumann and apollo twin thanks

  • @angel_weeb

    They are so much fun to work with and you can tell that they enjoy doing what they do. Every time I listen to their recordings, I can't help but smile. The passion that they use in their voice is just breathtaking and I couldn't be luckier to have them work with me.

  • @mrpearl23

    Echo is just.. amazing. LIKE HOW DOES SHE DO IT?? She is so, so good at showing emotions no matter which it is and whatever you throw at her (not literally speaking) she can bounce back with in the form of absolutely amazing lines, have loved working with her so far!

  • @freddy523vevo

    I have had the privilege of working with SilentEcho, and I have loved every moment of it. She is a fantastic voice actor with a catalog of incredible voices up her sleeves. She is efficient at work and never disappoints. She is also an amazing person to hang out with, and she never fails to brighten your mood or lighten your day. I severely recommend her for anything she may audition for and if you get the amazing opportunity of seeing one of her auditions on your Casting Call, then you will have found the right person for the job.