Howdy I'm Lav!

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About Lavendere

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       Hey there, I'm Lavendere


      ▷ About

I'm Lavendere a 19 year old voice actress and co-project director of Shiny Tropics! It's been about 5 years since I started voice acting and with those years I've made tons of amazing friends. I can't wait to make even more!
       ▷ Basic information

        ↳  I voice age ranges from children to young adults.

        ↳  These are the accents I can do: North American and French.

        ↳ I do singing.

        ▷ Contact me

Discord: Lavendere

         My Previous Projects

         ▷Video Editing Samples

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  • @jazzyfina

    Imagine a VA who's both good at the job,,, is easy to work with,,, and get this: is also a fashion god. This is Lavendere.
    I see no reason why you wouldn't want to hire her like 😳 she's a god at what she does and I mean theres no fun in hiring someone who isn't a lad no matter how good they are but here's someone who's good AND is a lad. Also she's a fellow director on a project with me and honestly I would'nt've gotten half as far as we have without Lav the fashion and business queen

  • @deleted344365

    Lav here really knows how to make people speechless. Her ability to lead, create, work and everything are all so amazing! her skills never fail to impress people she's with! (not to mention her amazing personality which is just *chefs kiss*) Shes a queen, no joke! Her voice is amazingggg shes really good and capable of almost everything! I would totally recommend her in more ways than one and this person here is top quality, period.

  • @anxiouswinter

    Completed her voice work very quickly and with amazing quality. Very expressive actor who excelled at the character she played. Definitely recommend!

  • @oreotime

    Lavendere...where do I even start with her? 
    She voices the main character in my series, The Dream Team. She's stuck with the project ever since it started, and she has an AWESOME VOICE too!! 
    I also saw her Shiny Trophics project and she's a fantastic singer and artist as well!!
    She only did one take, and yet every single line is PERFECT and WONDERFULLY said with AMAZING emotion! 
    If Lav auditions for your project or you need a female voice, cast her right now, you will not regret it I swear!! 💛

  • @ViraXVaAnime

    Lavendere was an amazing VA to work with, so accommodating with requests and very determined to give her all in everything she did. When we worked together on one of my very first manga dubs, it was was amazing to feel that when I worked with her, I felt her passion for the projects as much as I did. Her voices are 🔥 and acting in outstanding. I would definitely work with her again someday. If she’s on your cast, then your going to have someone who cares about everything that your project stands for.