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About AngelshiVA

About Me
- Name: Angel
- Gender: Female
- Pronouns: She/Her
- Personality Type: ENFP
- Time Zone: CST
- Hobbies: Voice Acting and Live Theatre
Voice Acting
My Range:
- High Pitched: Child/Teen (Female)
- Mid-High Pitched: Adolescent/Teen (Female)
- Medium: Teen (Female or Transgender)
- Mid-Low: Teen/Adult (Female or Transgender)
- Low: Adult (Female)

- British
- Australian
- Southern
- French

Requirements for Projects I will Participate In:
- Making sure I am notified every so often regarding updates on the project
- No body acting (this regarding Minecraft dubs or roleplays)
- Notifying me about heavy subjects or cursing
- No using Google Drive for line submissions (I don't like sharing my email)

- Have a well, thought-out, and professional audition process

- No live recording sessions

Contacting / Social Media
I will respond to any DMs or friend requests sent to me on Discord or CCC

- Discord: !!!NEW!!! Angelshi#5254
- CCC: You're already here ^-^
- YouTube: 

  • @sparkleshimmershine

    I asked Angel to send me a voice demo for a project I was working on in the past, and holy crap did she deliver. She is such a sweetheart and a pleasure to work with. I hope that we can work together again in the future!

  • @kittykat1237

    I strongly recommend Angel for your projects. She is an amazing friend and very talented. I hope I can see her in more projects.

  • @kitty_gacha74

    Angel is a very good friend of mine and I have seen her work before. She is very talented and I love her so much. Her personality and talent are over the top and I will be personally offended if you don't cast her :)

  • @honeychi-gacha

    Angel is an amazing voie actor!!! I recieved voice work from them for a *caugh caugh* discontinued voice acting series and she submitted them right on time! If you need a voice actress, she is definetly the right choice!

  • @popcorn_va

    Angel's work is truly phenomenal. She has such a clear and beautiful voice, and I hope that her talent does not go to waste. This message is a wish to help her grow to become someone amazing.

  • @chiken_nugget_va

    I LOVE ANGEL SO MUCH OMGGGGGGG!!!!!!! She is so sweet and I am so glad I was able to meet her! I'm her #1 fan btw. FIGHT ME!

  • @zaraytxx

    Angel_Weeb is a amazing voice actor! I asked Angel_Weeb to potray a character named Anne and I did not regret it! Eventhough her character might not be seen again thought the series. I would most defently recommend her work! *cough cough* Angel_Weeb you dropped this --> 👑

  • @jazaxiee

    Hiho! So let me tell you this, just, THESE MANY THINGS. I haven't talked to Angel much, no, but by my impressions and by her phenomenal performance for Esther from "The Nuclear Family" (LIKE MMMM!), she's not one to reject! She's ever so passionate for her voice work and can really, and I mean freaking really, can get you attached to the character she's portraying as. A beautiful underrated voice she has, following her remarkable personality. A voice actress with these skills is something to never overlook! Seriously! What more could you ask for? Stunning quality, impressive voice work, she's got you covered! You ask and she delivers.

  • @euphonicowl

    I was first introduced to Angel when she auditioned for three characters in my voice-acted project called Melodious Epiphany, and GEEZ LOUISE, This girl is absolutely phenomenal at what she does :O I thought she already sounded incredible after listening to one of her auditions, but she impressed me even more after I listened to the others. Angel is an outstanding voice actress! Her voice is stunning and she does an exceptional job altering her voice to fit the characters she plays. She’s successfully able to portray emotions pertaining to the character’s personality and really understands how to immerse herself into character. Not only that, but she is actually really good at improvisation, which I envy ;-; (in a good way!) I’m honestly shocked by the fact that she can make it sound like her characters are all voiced by different people. O_O Her versatile range is really unlike anything I’ve ever heard! :OOO She is a stellar, hardworking individual who aces all her line submissions with flying colors and always sends them well before the deadlines. Not gonna lie, she can also write entertaining scripts, sing well, and has such a beautiful voice overall ^_^ I really don’t see how her voice can be overlooked. At this point, I wonder why she hasn’t been casted at notable companies like Funimation XD To anyone looking for someone to recruit, do yourself a favor and cast this talented voice actress, if she ever auditions for your project. She deserves all the credibility she can ever get. :)

  • Angel is very talented. She can do MANY voice ranges, and she honestly deserves a medal for that. She can do SO much emotions and noises like being kicked, falling down, and more! She acts like she IS the character RIGHT IN THE moment!! If you need a really talented voice actor, go get Angel. - Kat

  • @thebest_chiken

    Such a beautiful voice and such a wide range. She always has diversity in her characters and always tries to make a unique voice for each personality. Listening to her acting is such a joy and I'd love to head her in more projects.

  • @jojo_va_25

    I LOVE HER. SHE IS THE BEST PERSON EVER. Please cast her more; she deserves the world. She's made my projects come to life and I couldn't be more grateful to her. She has such an amazing voice and range, giving her so many opportunities in the future. LOVE YOU GURL!!!

  • @starrytchi

    Hello! I am Starrytchi! Angel here was apart of my projects “The Nuclear Family”, and “Escape Room”. Her performance in both of them were absolutely amazing — and she got them in quick too! She follows deadlines very well, and is cooperative when it comes to directions. Her line delivery is overall good quality, and I haven’t had to edit anything out of her audio. (Like background noise) She also gets along with the other cast members in projects and I find that great! She is overall a very kind and talented person, and I definitely recommend her!

  • @mcj

    She works well with me on many dubs I make and she does a wonderful job at it

    She a must-try for comic dubs

  • @oreotime

    She has a VERY wide range believe you me and she's also a very dedicated director ! Great leadership skills and an AMAZING voice actor! She can do awesome emotions and I especially love her 'sassy' voice. 
    Oh and can I just say she is a BEAUTIFUL singer?! 
    Angel angel and you will not regret hiring her!! 

  • @andyishere

    yall, angel is AMAZING! like i wish i could have her talent like omg

    she delivered lines flawlessly and i could not have asked for a better voice actor for my mini movie (one two, hehe)

    have angel as a va for your series/movie for a better life

  • @bubblebite

    Angel is such a lovely and kind person! They're willing to guide you into their ideal direction in the best ways possible! When working with them on projects, her lines are always amazing! It's been such a wonder working for/with her and I couldn't be more thankful to work for/with her. If she auditions for your project, cast her. If she has a project to audition for, audition asap!

  • @calvin-wilks

    Angel is the sweetest person I know! She works really hard on her projects all the time, and always puts a smile on my face! Her voice work is amazing and I'm looking forward to working together a lot more often!

  • @akasuki-sasaki

    Working with Angel was a great experience. Her voice acting was very good! Hope to work with her again!

  • @diarosee

    Angel is doing an excellent job as a VA and director, and she makes very great projects and yes yes yes yes. Angel ur cool pog slay amazing excellent and I saw some projects she's in and just yes! Recommending her 🙏🏻