HollySophia: Voice Actress, Writer, Sound Designer/Engineer

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About HollyS

Completed VA Roles: 

  • The Waystation Podcast: Season 1: Celestielle #1

  • Once Upon a Kingdom, A Fantasy/Animation Short: Extra

  • CALLISTO: A Sci-Fi Psychological Horror Radio Play: Agency Official #2

  • First Aid Spray Podcast: Restaurant Owner's Diary

  • Resident Evil: The Book / Biohazard The Beginning AUDIO DRAMA: Deputy Chief

Completed Personal Projects:

  • Background Lesbians ASMR: Spinoff Audios (YouTube)

  • A Long Night at Camp Evergreen: A Horror Audio Drama (YouTube)

  • @mrlanier

    Holly is freakin' fantastic. She's great. She's a hardworker, she's energetic, She just puts in so much. She and i are apart of "The Gremlin Trio" and i am extremely happy that i get to work with this absolutely amazing individual. Please if she auditions give her a chance it'll be worth it

  • @same-old-satellite

    Despite having a minor role, I still found support and ardour for the project from Holly, and her execution of her role was laudable. I chose her for her hard-styled voice that the script needed, and Holly really did deliver. Needless to say she'd be a wonderful addition to your project.

  • @aj-kingston

    In my mind, no role is too small. Though only having a few lines, their lines were the ones to smash the reality of the Callisto project's universe and bring a dramatic climax to life through such a short role. They handled their lines well and made the dramatic moment all the more heavy-hitting with their performance. Good work all around.