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About V-Meister71

Greetings, I am V-Meister. I am a 22 year old boy who is a passionate voice actor from New York in the USA. 

I am an energetic, enthusiastic, and confident person who can use all of those qualities within me to be an aspiring voice actor. I want people to know that talent can come from heart as long as you believe and keep pushing forward.

What I hope to achieve is living the rest of my life doing voice acting for various projects, such as comics, animations, etc. My goal is provide the best quality voice for your project, and inspire others out there willing to go the same route as me! 

I will also use this site to recruit voice actors/actresses for my YouTube videos, so be on the look out for auditions I post. 

I look forward to working with such talented individuals/groups who I look up to for inspiration! If you are willing to get in touch with me for anything, please contact me by these following social media accounts:

Twitter: MrGamez71
Discord: Trotle1117#6656

  • @geekyvoiceacts

    Meister has been such a joy to work with! We collaborated and fully dubbed 'The Three Little Princesses 2'. I was blown away by the incredible range of voices he could provide! I can assure you that Meister will be an excellent addition to your team! He's very kind to, and motivates others to follow their dreams! I know for a fact you'd be glad to have him helping out on your project! I wish him all the best. :)

  • @ribz

    V-Meister71 was an absolute pleasure to work with! I voiced Rem and Rym for this small comic on their YouTube channel and it turned out amazing! I am definitely looking forward to working with them in the future for other projects they may have, or if we voice a project together! I can't recommend them enough!

  • @littleredhen42

    V-Meister71 contacted me quickly after casting to discuss what he was looking for in his project and provided clear direction. He was easy to work with and finished the project in a timely manner. Would definitely work with him again.

  • @deleted498776

    I had fun working with V-Meister71 on the project. He was very nice, quick with putting everything together, and was easy to communicate with too. I would love to work with them again sometime!

  • @icy-lemonti

    I worked with V-Meister71 on a project and I have to say that I had lots of fun working with them! They were really easy to communicate with, very nice, and overall it was just enjoyable to voice this project with them! I hope that we can work on more projects together in the future.

  • @calfaye

    I worked with V-Meister71 on a Sdra2 fan comic as Setsuka Chiebukuro. He was incredibly quick in everything he did in this process! He delivered the comic/lines to me nearly immediately after I was cast, and sent me the final product just a day after I submitted my lines. Additionally, he was incredibly patient and lenient with me when I had some delays with getting my lines in. I hope to work with him again, and I hope that everyone gets a chance to view/participate in his projects! Thanks so much :)

  • @kani-b

    I had recently worked on a project with V-Meister. He was great with commutation, fast with his response, very clear with what he needed me to do, and was very courteous throughout the whole project. I highly recommend working with them. I hope I can work with them again as well!

  • @violetjohnson201x

    V-Meister71 was an incredible VA to work with. He got his lines in well on time and they were perfect. His voice fit the character so well and I was so glad that such a talented person auditioned for my project. He's a great artist as well and I had fun working with him in a voice project of his. He was super quick about it and he didn't make things complicated at all. He is a really nice person and he has a nice vocal range so I do hope you consider him for any of your projects that he auditions for! I can't wait to work with him again.

  • @makototsubaki

    I've known V for about a month and a half and I was able to help him with expanding his voice acting and ever since then he's been amazing to work with and he's such a cheerleader when you need it the most and it's a blessing that I know him. I think in the future that he's going to be the voice actor that he wants to be and it's gonna be a fabulous journey.

  • @melissawhite

    I voiced in one of V-Meister71's comic dubs, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with! He sent me the comic almost immediately after I was cast for the role and was super kind and professional throughout the entire process. I would love to work with him again and would recommend him to anyone!

  • @bunny-fae

    V is a really fun guy to work with. He's extremely passionate about voice acting and his starry-eyed approach to it is very wholesome and makes working with him a joy. Not to mention that this guy is talented as hell!

  • @koolestqcumber

    V is an incredibly professional and wonderful person to work with! I have worked with him on 2-3 projects so far and I would LOVE to work with him many more times! Not only is he extremely communicative but he is also very talented, passionate and flexible! Working with him is really a pleasure! 

  • @ollie_mikumango

    V-Meister is an incredible person to work with, not only am I constantly blown away by his performances but he's also such a great guy to talk to, one of the funniest, loveliest people I've me through CCC.

  • @mjmissva

    Incredibly talented and fun to work with! I've been working with V for about a year now and he continues to amaze me. His range is outstanding and his voice has a unique quality to it that I haven't heard anywhere else. V, my friend, you're definitely going places!