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Hi hi! The name's tsu!

I basically just have this page as storage for all my old auditions. I'm less likely to use casting call to audition for work as much due to some situations going on, but I may open this page back up again since my Fanganronpa, Driven Betrayal is being revamped, and may need some recasts for a few of the characters ^^

I also apologize for the reccomendations I gave to other users several years ago, reading back on them I was... very immature.

If you need to contact me, my twitter is @tsu_nanami!
Thank you, and have a great day!

  • @silentecho

    I was cast as Kaoru Nakame, the Qualified Youth Haiku Poet in her audio drama, Danganronpa Driven Betrayal. She's been nothing but kind, funny, polite, and all together a joy to work with and be around to everyone. I'm very grateful for being cast, because the script writing, plot, and characters are excellent.
    Tsu is a very talented individual, being able to write, voice act, draw, and edit terrifically, and anyone working with her, if she's the project owner, or a team member is extremely lucky to be with such talent. She makes any project, no matter how dark, a fun and joyful place to work, and I'm overjoyed to have been lucky enough to know her.

  • @0sin0

    I'm actually shocked I haven't done this sooner.
    Tsu, oh where do I start...
    They are a wonderful director and friend- They are hard working, funny, kind , polite ; just a wonderful person to be around!
    I'm very grateful i got cast and i'm never scared to message them, they really makes voice acting a safe space.Not only that but they are a very talented writer,voice actor AND artist.
    I feel very lucky that i have met them and i hope to keep working with them in the future.