Emerald Eyes || Original Fantasy/Adventure Fully Animated Gacha Voice Acted series

2023Production https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChhnurqRnaoRB7l0LqMz_lA

Directed, produced, written by Crystal_Lin. (Also the character designer-)

Scarlett and Axel met when they were only 5 and instantly became friends. When hanging out, Scarlett tried to practice her magic and it backfired. The friends blacked out only to wake up finding one of their eyes green. After the incident they were banned from seeing each other. The news spread around about the accident. Unfortunately The Difference found out too. Now they have a plan for 2 more victims. 14 years have passed and their eyes have never changed. They were always counted as freaks or outcasts. After running away from home the two friends meet. They find out a way to get rid of their eye color, so they set out to make it happen. On the road, the friends come across news that Axel's mother was gone, now they had another task to get done. On their journey they come across news that's unbearable, try to get Natalie to safety, avoid getting killed by The Difference and get rid of their eye colors. Can they achieve all of this before it's too late?

Fan server: https://discord.gg/UPcgBwga
Trailer: https://youtu.be/h6dZK3kGCJY

Cast and crew: EE Crew and cast credits

production pic made by: Pearlea https://p3arlea.carrd.co/