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My name is Keis Juen, but I am more commonly known as Aji! I'm a young aspiring professional voice actress, and I have been voice acting since April 2018. I really can't say no to a good voice acting opportunity, so if you'd like to invite me to your project, please reach out!


I like to think I'm pretty flexible with my range, so I'm able to go for most female roles! However, my strengths lie in upbeat optimistic characters, bratty pouty characters, silky nurturing characters, and your typical "protagonist" characters.

For business inquiries, feel free to contact me on Discord as I am most active there!

(If you just wanna chat, that’s fine too!)

Discord |


I mostly go for volunteer work, so typically I do voice work for free. If I audition for a paid project with set rates, that means I agree with those rates. As for freelance and budgeted project rates, the default is $2 USD per line, but it is totally negotiable depending on the project.

What Aji is looking for

I can assure you, I have been in projects and videos. But as of June 29, 2020, I hid and will continue to hide all of my auditions. My CCC account is... technically troll, but I do have legitimate auditions which you do not see. If I auditioned for your project, you know. Otherwise, I'm lurking in the shadows.

  • @tsut

    She's one of the best VAs, and best of friends someone could ask for. She's willing to do whatever, and is very versatile with her voice. She can pull off most Danganronpa characters, along with some other characters, like cartoon characters and such.

  • @silentecho

    she beat me up in our school musical but shes ok i guess

  • @applre

    Keisha sometimes does cool voice stuff, but I think sugar on mac and cheese is hella weird, I don't know about you.

  • @applre

    Deserves a second recommendation from me because she has changed her opinion concerning sugar on mac and cheese

    I didn't say this in my other recommendation but Keisha is genuinely an awesome voice actor. Her range is unbelievable and technique is always on point. She's enjoyable to hang out with despite being a total tsun tsun, and is very epic in general. Keep up the good work uwu

  • @bearpuff4vo

    Aji is an epic voice actress!! Aji has been one of my good friends for a while now, but this was my first time casting and love directing her for one of my projects, and she did not disappoint! She’s super fun and easy to work with, and is very enthusiastic about every role she plays! She responded to my direction really well, and sent in her audio fully edited quickly after recording. Definitely cast Aji, because she’s big epic 👀🌟

  • @kazutova

    Aji cool :D

  • @silentecho

    while it's still true that she beat me up in our school musical (and i have not forgiven her) aji is a real voice actor

    Personally, I think that she does that voice thing pretty well. hell, you can see that for yourself

    If you're stuck between her and someone else, I think you should 100% pick Aji B)

    unless of course you're stuck between her and me, in which case, pick me, obviously.

    Point is, she's awesome, provides quality work, and is a great cast. Keep it up, my sworn rival!

  • @deleted684934

    I really wanted to write this because I truly believe she deserves it. Not only did she surprise me with her flexibility both in voice acting, singing and in being patient with my indecisiveness, but she's also a great person just to talk with to clear up your mind and to give you some ideas. I'm really looking forward to work again with her