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About Cailiosa


How are you today? Ah, me? Good, thank you!

Who am I you might ask? Let me introduce myself:

I'm Cailiosa, a proud Canadian!

I'm a bilingual (French and English) voice actor.

I am 19 years old.

Though I'm a voice actor, I'm also the

French translator for two projects!

(Despair's Masquerade and Justice in Unity: Redux)


(I'm talking about my experience, but I

won't say any details, because I want

to protect my privacy. If you actually hire

me and you need to know this information,

don't worry, I will send it to you!)

I started acting at the age of 12 years old.
I've been in a few movies with
a few students in theatre.
I was an extra in a tv show and a movie.
I had a lead role in a publicity.
I was an actress in five plays in total.

I wrote a play that was played in 2019.

I'm working to publish two of my plays.

I'm creating my own short-movie.

I was the captain of my improv team and

we won a competition in front of 5000 people.


Since my childhood, people describe me

as mature and empathic. My personality is

ENFJ - A ("The protagonist"), so you can be sure

that I will connect easily with my teammates and

hopefully, make them learn new things

while they are teaching me. Being an actor

is synonym of working hard and you can

be sure that I'm passionate.


Unless I get pay, not Minecraft, Roblox or Gacha Life.

And not NSFW projects!



Puisque ce site est surtout utilisé par des anglophones,

ma présentation est en anglais. Toutefois, si vous avez
des questions à mon sujet, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer
un message!

Good job everyone, you've read everything! YaY

I follow all of my coworkers! I think

it's important to show that we are all

in this together and that we need to

support every artist here!

  • @silentecho


    Cailiosa is the PERFECT addition to your team! She's so mature and kind and amazing and just AAAA?????????

    She's so talented and respectful towards everyone, so every time I see we've been cast for the same project, all I can think is "Hell yeah!"

    She's fun to talk to, and is willing to help out a ton with projects! She's so dedicated and precious and ACK!!!!

    Anyway, if you're considering casting her, I 100% say you should. She's 10/10! You'll love her!

  • @celestielle

    All around brilliant actress - so so lovely to work alongside her and her positive attitude, and she's clearly very talented. She helps to create an awesome atmosphere of togetherness in a cast environment, and is absolutely dedicated to her work and its nuances. Really really recommend :)

  • @same-old-satellite

    Oceané is an incredibly gifted voice actress and a wonder to work with. Consistently supportive in my project, a penchant for really taking the script and my own direction to the max, and going above and beyond in bringing her character to life. The most tragic figure in CALLISTO, Esmée is a difficult role to play, as there Oceané would need to convey both cold-hearted pragmatism, but also the vulnerable character underneath - and she did it so well. I consider myself lucky to have had her for the role, as well as accepting it, and her fondness of the project (as well as submitting French subtitles as well) goes to show that she is a terrific person to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I look forward to working with her in the future!

  • @anthony-andres

    While working with Cailiosa on the Callisto Audio Drama I was constantly overwhelmed by her impressive performance and was drawn to each sentence as it was gracefully articulated. Her voice was the respite from the dread felt whilst listening to the horror production. If you are looking for a VA to bring your production value up to the next level, your search stops here. I highly recommend this VA.

  • @aj-kingston

    Esmee from the Callisto project would be a difficult character to portray due to the emotional range one has to have to pull of such a tortured character whilst also acting jovial and ecstatic from time to time. Walking that boundary is a difficult task, that she pulls off perfectly, bringing nuance and gravitas to the role, as well as happiness in the project and behind the scenes due to their charming demeanour and friendly nature. An all-round good choice.

  • @frazell

    Cailiosa is an extremely talented actress and such a sweetheart. She gives such a graceful performance and is ridiculously dedicated. She brings an upbeat and positive energy to anything she applies herself to and every message she sends brings a smile to my face! Her acting is nuanced and extremely emotive; she comes highly recommended!

  • @andy-liang

    Cailiosa is an incredibly talented VA and performer with incredible vocal talent who can excel in portraying characters in multiple languages. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Cailiosa in several projects and her work ethic, professionalism and talent is always a pleasure to work alongside. Cailiosa is a hard worker and incredibly kind-hearted and is an asset to any project that is lucky enough to have her.

  • @thea-solone

    Cailiosa is quite extraordinary. From the moment we first met on her casting call club project, I soon learned that not only is Cailiosa an amazing talent with a beautiful voice, but a kind and generous soul. She cares greatly about her projects, her voice actors, voice acting, and about telling great stories. She deserves every success that should ever come her way. I simply couldn't recommend Cailiosa enough!