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Sin -  Trans guy - He/Him - 19

I'm from the UK so please be mindful of time zones and understand I cant always make meetings or be in calls.



  • @silentecho

    Sin and I have been in several projects together, and as soon as I met them, I found out they were charismatic, fun, and an overall great person. Due to the fact that we have similar interests, we were put in several groups together, and I couldn't be happier. Their artwork is absolutely stellar, as well as their soundtracks, and voice work. If you're looking for a Miu Iruma, Angie Yonaga, Tsumugi Shirogane, or many more, you've absolutely come to the right place.

  • @tsunanami17

    Sin, oh sin (o)... where do I begin???
    A few months ago, I started my casting call for my fanganronpa, Driven Betrayal, and Sin decided to audition for EVERY CHARACTER. Now THAT shows dedication.
    And their voice was amazing for all of them, but I decided on not one, not two, but THREE characters for them to voice!
    First off, they voice Sayoko Kawamata, the charismatic, fun-loving TV chef. Tone? Nailed it. Pitch? Nailed it. Line pronounciation? NAILED IT!
    Next, they voice the 'demon re-incarnated', secretly a fun gal, Rie Koga, the Qualified Youth Rockstar! (diet ibuki diet ibuki) Tone? Nailed it. Pitch? Nailed it. Amount of enthusiasm and (sometimes) screaming 'hoshi' at the top of their lungs? NAILED IT. Great rocker voice! If looking for an Ibuki (i swear rie isnt ibuki i swear) dub, Sin's the one!
    And finally, they voice one of the two mascots in the series, Sunneko, the bratty catty who prefers to steal the spotlight from everyone at hand. Tone? Nailed it. Mascot appeal? Nailed it. Intentional voice cracks that actually were designed to make it seem like it's own mascot and not a monokuma rip-off? (in a good way i swear)NAILED IT!!! Anyone looking for an original mascot, Sin's the one!
    Also... their art. Technically sin isn't an artist for me but they've done so much art for the project, I fell in love with it!
    They're also a moderator in the Driven Betrayal discord server, and they've done a great job at that as well!
    Please... please I beg... PLEASE cast Sin for your project!! You won't regret it! :))))))

  • @mrlanier

    What can i say about Sin. Sin is amazing they're just all around a great boss and VA it's amazing. If Sin ever auditions for a project of yours give them a chance and if you get casted for theirs well you have opportunity for a great boss and friend

  • @burntchickennugget

    Fun to work with and always mean the best even when it doesn't seem like it. Can create great soundtracks for projects if needed, but his voice is also a great fit for many MANY different characters. A good person and, if needed, he is good at mascot voices, such as a Monokuma like voice. A great choice for anyone looking for someone with a good work ethic, and can give advice to other members of the project on how to improve their work ethic as well. Very good at art and does the concepts for basically everything in our project. I am a co-own our project with him and he is always trying his best to make it the best it can be, and the music he has created for it is some of the best I've heard in a while.
    I'm sure many project owners who have worked with him would believe the same as I do, as he would be a great addition to anyone's team.