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i can cook -

You can call me cj~ I am an aspiring voice actor and love to work with others to create exciting new projects. When I first began Voice Acting in September 2021 I uploaded a set of demos - rookie reel. I also uploaded these to my TikTok, however now my TikTok is full of clips from streams and other edited funny content for the community! Thanks for all your support until now!

I am Cinnamon. I make voiced audio roleplays, and edited vods and shorts as the VTuber Cin! I want to help people to immerse and explore worlds they normally can't with my audio content. I hope that my videos can bring a smile to your face.

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YouTube - Cinnamon【Oni Pirate ENVtuber】

[vtuber lore] CIN'S DRAMATIC BACKSTORY 【Oni Pirate ENVtuber】



[meme] TEACHERS HAVE IT TOUGH! 【Oni Pirate ENVtuber】


The Most VIOLENT vtuber is CIN

Soundcloud (all music/covers/random)


I recently released an original titled 'Sleepless Nights'. This is a song that all my content creator friends can relate to so they can feel they are not alone. Please listen to my words!

Pricing - $0.15/ word ($15/ 100 words) for emergency recordings

Voicing in your project as a character or multiple characters with a deadline requires a high amount of effort from my end, as I make time for you and ensure to give good takes, while also giving you what you need in a short time. Compensation is the trade off for receiving high quality lines in your project.

Pricing - Free for mutuals' projects~ 

If you'd like to collaborate in an audio roleplay for YT, message me on CCC & please formally introduce yourself and your project! I'd love to get to know you.


I can produce quality future bass and make SICK F*CKIN' RHYMES YEAAHHH

Many directors on Casting Call Club use Discord for collaborative works as a tool for  communication. If you wish to contact me/ inquire about any commissions, please message me through Casting Call Club. 

Cast Productions (Characters):


Pricing - $0.15/ word ($15/ 100 words) for COMISSIONED work

Voicing in your project as a character or multiple characters with a deadline requires a high amount of effort from my end, as I make time for you and ensure to give good takes. Compensation is simply a requirement for receiving high quality lines in your project.

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  • Amarey

  • Natasha



  • @mmits-official

    You will bethink that he is just a voice and a singer, not a big deal but...
    In fact...
    He is very talantedddd he can do anything trust me ANYTHING!

  • @SuperKobalt

    "It was an honor to work with such a talented actor such as Calvin. His positive attitude drove all my fellows actors to do our best. I know he is going to be great if you cast him!"

  • @kithandwa

    I have only known CJ through a project we were cast in together until he, later on, invited me to be part of a project of his own! He was very kind throughout the whole process while showing a good sense of professionalism. His skill and talent shone through in the final output, and I am just beyond honored to be a part of it. Padayon, CJ! 

  • @angel_weeb

    His characterization is phenomenal and his dedication to projects is something that I love. He puts in the work he needs to, and then some! He is so good at making me laugh and I enjoy listening to his work all the time!

  • @merlva

    It feels like I've known Calv for AGES now!
    He's such a good voice actor, really friendly and a hard worker who always produces really good quality auditions and lines! I've worked with him on several projects; my own one, and recommended him to some friends! Definitely deserves AWESOME hype! ^w^

  • @amarey

    cj i- alright where do i even begin with him? 

    I have had the best hours getting to know him, I'll give you that. We're now peers in 2 Genshin Impact comic dub teams and it has been a blast! His work is outstanding and theres certainly more where that came from! He delivers amazingly with high quality and he's also an amazing peer to work with. Looking forward to what he's got in store next and just upmost thrilled! Genuinely hope I'll get to work with him more in future projects and a word from me, you will certainly not regret casting him to be apart of your team. So? What are you waiting for? This guy is gold ✨


  • @jill_marae

    oh my god they literally gave their lines so quick and so well I can't believe that this talent is hidden away from society. so good would love to work with them again

  • @amarey

    sir this is a vegan hotline.

  • @diarosee

    Cj is just "Yes", no more words 

  • @amarey

    .............................................................................................................i wanna punch you so badly /j ily you dumb dumb 

  • @xxxnatashaxxx

    CJ is a amazing person! I'm glad i've met him here in CCC, he is a wonderful person and the way he voice act is amazing. He is indeed very talented person and he has a positive attiude, he is also good at making me laugh at the same time. I enjoy listening to his work all the time! Keep it up CJ!!

  • @diarosee

    stares you're not great /j no you're cool 

  • @joceyb23

    worst voice actor ive ever met. the most toxic individual ive had the displeasure of interacting with. disappointment personified in every way, shape, and form. 0/10 would not recommend.

  • @joceyb23


  • @elvireva

    I know most of his recommendations aren't really serious, but I'm gonna make one anyway. CJ is a stellar voice actor with an incredible voice range and impeccable delivery. His audio quality should definitely meet up to your standards with an XLR condenser. In my project, he voices two characters who are both related, but he is able to make them sound distinct with the flexibility of his voice. If you need someone to voice a unique, AMAB/masculine-presenting character you want to stand out, consider CJ!! :)