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About The Wind Waker: English Dub - Second Quest

Warning: There are MAJOR SPOILERS about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker listed in the casting call. Read at your own risk.

The Wind Waker: English Dub - Second Quest is an upcoming Zelda fan tribute project by ZeldaUniverse.net, celebrating 20 years of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, originally released in 2002. This is NOT an official product or in any way affiliated with Nintendo. This is an unpaid project, featuring fully voiced characters, cutscenes and featuring new music covers from the original soundtrack.

This casting call is currently seeking voice actors, singers and musicians of all skill levels.

Zelda Universe is known as a Legend of Zelda website run by passionate fans, providing both Nintendo and Zelda news, community features, media and video content. It's home to a community for Zelda fans for over 20 years. ZU (Zelda Universe) has produced fan-based video dubs of The Legend of Zelda series since 2015, dubbing over Zelda titles such as Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword & many more.

If you are cast, you will be expected to have all recordings and material complete around May 2022. Further details will be discussed if cast for the project. Cast members are recommended to have a Discord, for direct contact and to be invited to the project's private server.

This is Zelda Universe's final traditional Zelda dub project that will release in 2022.

~ Quick Guideline ~

NOTE: You can also email your auditions, and/or demo reels, to: Voices[at]ZeldaUniverse[dot]net 

1. Please be respectful to others who are also auditioning. Don't be rude or offensive, this behavior is NOT tolerated.
2. Label your audio files as CharacterName_YourName.mp3
3. Prefer audio files to be in ".MP3" or ".WAV" format
4. Only 1 audition per character is allowed. Do not submit more than once to a particular character.
5. No slating required. No need to state your name or the character you are auditioning fore. Audition files should only contain your reading of the sides for a certain character.
6. At least 1 take of each line is required in order to be considered for a certain role. Not all roles will have 3 lines listed. We suggest no more than 3 different variant takes per audition. If you do multiple takes, try and make each of them different in their own way such as using accents. [Preferred format: Variant 1: Line A, B, C / Variant 2: Line A, B, C]
7. A quality microphone is highly recommended. You don't need the best sounding audio, but the less amount of background noise, the better. Your audio quality is evaluated when being considered. Suggested microphones (quality/price will vary): AT2020 USB, Blue Yeti Pro, Rode NT1A.
8. Have a form of communication outside of CastingCallClub. Email, Discord and Twitter are the best ways for us to communicate with you. Do NOT leave your email in your audition comments. Private Message AlexanderT if you want to provide your email address info. You will be messaged on CCC for further contacting methods if we need to reach out to you.
9. Have fun auditioning! (without breaking any of these rules or being offensive to others; see rule #1 above)

~ FAQ ~

Where will recording be done? Remotely. Whether that's your bedroom, office space or a studio elsewhere.
How long will production last? October 2021 to May 2021 (at the latest; subject to change or be extended)
Do I need to know the Zelda series or The Wind Waker to be cast? Of course not!
Can I submit an audition for more than 1 character? Of course you can. Please do!
Why is [character] not on this casting call? If a particular character is not listed, it means they're either already cast prior to the casting call going up or they are not going to be featured in the dub.
What are the best chances at getting cast? Acting and Audio Quality are important; but also come up with the most ideal voice for a given character.
When will casting be announced? Depending on how many auditions are recieved, it can take up to two weeks. There will be an announcement made soon after casting is complete.
How will I know if I got cast? You will be notified or contacted if you are selected.

If you have any more questions or concerns, private message me, AlexanderT, here on CCC or ask in the comment section below. You can also reach me by email or Twitter.

Email: Voices[at]ZeldaUniverse[dot]net
Twitter: @TrainerTrevino or @ZeldaUniverse 

About the Creator: alexandert

Hello! My name is Alex, a content creator and project manager for Zelda Universe (zeldauniverse.net) as well as a voice director, writer and video editor. Since 2015, I have been producing and creating fan dub adaptations of The Legend of Zelda series. All our video projects can be found on the Zelda Universe YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/ZeldaUniverseTV

A lot of my projects will consist of Nintendo properties such as The Legend of Zelda or Super Smash Brothers. Overall, my goals are to create content, network, make friends and having fun when working with everyone!

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