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About bellbellbell5

Hi there! I'm Bell, a new VA working towards being a professional voice actor and voiceover artist. My interests include anime and video games, so if you want someone who's got the passion to back the voice, I'm your girl!

I am also available for directing, assistant directing, vocal directing, and as a casting director. Please reach out if interested.
See completed projects I have directed and produced on my channel here:

Mic/Interface: AT2035 + Audient ID4 MKII
Software: Ableton Live 11 Lite, Audacity
Setup: Pop Filter, Home Studio

All auditions recorded before 10/8/2023 used AT2035 + Focusrite Scarlett Solo

All auditions recorded before 9/22/2022 used Shure MV7 XLR + Focusrite Scarlett Solo
All auditions recorded before 12/24/2021 used Shure MV7 USB
All auditions recorded before 7/4/2021 used Blue Yeti

Voice Acting Work

Devil Is a Part-Timer Abridged                          Chiho        Center Clockwork Prod.

Demon King Academy in 30 seconds              Izabella             UntilDawnCreeps

Lil Char and Gang comic dubs                        Wartortle           theaquaticcharizard
Lil Char and Gang comic dubs                       Misdreavus        theaquaticcharizard

Kingdom Hearts Audiobook                                Kairi                GameFileDubbing 

ZylerWorries4U Animations                               Skylar                  ZylerWorries4U

Genshin Impact Textposts                                 Hu Tao                        Applre
Genshin Impact Textposts                                 Lumine                        Applre

Genshin Impact Dubs                                        Lumine                         CGZ

Kiznaiver Trailer Fandub                                Nico Niyama                   Applre

Wind Waker Dub: Second Quest                 Princess Zelda            ZeldaUniverse

Highschool of the Dead in 30 seconds         Rei Miyamoto        UntilDawnCreeps

FNAF: Security Breach Short                          Gregory                   Jaze Cinema

The Zeta Trials                                                  Josie                      Mediasectors

Lycoris Recoil Abridged                            Chisato Nishikigi         UntilDawnCreeps

Stock Horror Screams                                   Screamer                 StockingAround

A Broken Paradise                               Windy                Cinnamation

Microfaun Comic Dubs             Pixie/Life, Additional Voices      Microfaun

Story of a Wanderer                                          Haru                            Kibazz

(Fan Film) Star Wars Episode X         Rose Tico/Yasa Kapu        AfterTheSequels

Titanslayers: Edge of Oblivion (Hoyofair) Navia Kieru

Trial by Combat (Hoyofair) Amber BitEgg

Actors Training Ground - 2021

Voice-Over with Wendy Zier

Instructed by Wendy Zier
- 2024

ADR Training

Instructed by Anthony Rodriguez

Rates can be discussed depending on the project parameters. I will not accept unpaid offers. 

  • @gamefiledubbing

    We would like to say how immensely proud we were to have Bell work with us on our project, not only a fantastic VA, with a wonderful range, but as a professional. She took direction incredibly well and is extremely adaptable. Moreover, as a person she is very approachable, making her a joy to work with. Personally as director I would love the chance to work with her again and I am wishing her all the best for her roles in the future!

  • @thekikkakibaz

    Bell voiced one of the side characters in my game project. She is a talented voice actress and performed her role in a really professional way. The interjections were amazing and so were the acting and emotions she delivered to the character. Really happy to have worked with Bell!!