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Joshua Cookingham

All about doing voices and Soli Deo Gloria. 

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About Joshua Cookingham

Hey there! 

My name's Joshua Cookingham, aka, Hethrin. I've been voice acting for several years now.

Since an early age, I've loved trying to copy and mimic the voices I saw in cartoons and movies. As I grew older, I followed that passion by studying theater performance and learning the groundwork of creating a character.

Whatever voice you may need for your project, I look forward to helping you bring your story and characters to life!

Huntington University - 2014

Bachelors In Theater Performance

Instructed by Jay Duffer

Graduated Cum Laude

  • @aspiringsinger15

    Joshua was the lead in my project and was AMAZING to work with. I had really high standards for the role so I was pretty nervous about casting it, but he did an excellent job with the script and the lines. I didn't even end up having to give him much direction because he delivered so well on the first round of lines but what direction I did give was very well-followed. In addition, he also had to provide me with a lot of sound effects which were equally wonderful. He really gave 110% and went above and beyond for the project. Highly recommend to anyone searching for a dedicated voice actor!

  • @bluemouse

    Joshua Cookingham helped voice a critical role in my indie short film!

    He was patient, understanding, and open with the character casted to him and role's direction, and was very generous with the amount of takes & retakes I asked for. Other than that, he's cool to chat with if you guys have the time too.

    Aside from that, his mic quality is clear and good for use right after downloading!

    Anyways, I recommend him for all projects that suits him. Thanks for the help dude!

  • @shinyturtw1g

    Joshua is an extremely talented and hilarious actor. I was overjoyed to be cast alongside him and hope to work with him again in the future!

  • @remarano

    I worked with Joshua on "Wanted: A Gun Kitty short" and you'd never even know he was acting! He is an extremely talented VA who has the rare ability to make whatever he says flow out of his character very naturally. Not to mention, he's incredibly professional off-camera as well. Very highly recommend :)

  • @wing-wolf

    This man is a real talent, he was 1 out of almost 50 auditions for the role of Ace Lang and he was chosen due to provided an almost natural sounding performance for the character.

    If you ever see him audition for your project, you should consider him as he's talented and 100% responsive to direction in the best ways.

  • @mljones_vo

    Joshua has extensive acting training and education and it SHOWS. The most difficult part about working with Joshua was trying to decide which role to cast him in. He is polished, versatile, professional, and truly understands the nuance required to really nail a performance. Easy to direct and an all-around nice guy. Do yourself a favor and cast him - you will NOT be disappointed. Thank you, Joshua!!!

  • @cuttlefish3011

    A delight to work with! Went above and beyond in recording his lines. Able to deliver a wide range of emotion, effectively integrates feedback, and responds quickly to messages. I hope to work with him in the future and would highly recommend him as a talented, dedicated voice actor!

  • @chefra2

    Joshua voiced a character for a video game I am working on and did an amazing job. Every line sounded perfect and he really brought the character to life. His audio quality is also crystal clear. Very happy with his performance and would be happy to work with him again.

  • @carrotcakie

    Joshua is an incredibly talented voice actor and I am so grateful to have worked with him on my little project. He voices a bear that groans and growls, but somehow, he gives the character so much life and personality. Joshua is always on it, very dependable, and I hope to work with him more in the future!

  • @happythecartoon

    Josh is such a talented voice actor. I am so incredibly honored to have him apart of my project as he beings so much energy and emotion into his character. (Making it really fun for me to animate). He is so kind and so incredible to work with. (Also his bloopers are always so hilarious and never cease to make me laugh). Overall Josh is an incredible voice actor who would be an asset to any cast!!

  • @deleted268985

    Joshua is a very talented voice actor and nailed what I was looking for in the auditions. I appreciate his enthusiasm for the role and I had a pleasant experience working him as well.

  • @spacelizard

    I recently had the pleasure of casting Joshua in a fiercely competitive role for a videogame project, and I was thrilled by his enthusiasm and the high quality of his work. I look forward to future collaborations as well!

  • @alex_snow_

    Joshua didn't have many lines for what I cast him for. But there will be more of him when I finally create the content. He's supportive of the project and cares about the people/person involved in the project. He checked in on me there was a dark spot (which didn't affect the project) to make sure stuff was okay. 5 stars and an A+ [ * * * * * ]