Diana Helen Kennedy

Diana Helen Kennedy

Authoritative | Funny | Feminine   Extensive theater background and training. Often voices moms, villainesses, goddesses, reporters, and fantasy characters. www.dianahelenkennedy.com

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About Diana Helen Kennedy

Website: www.dianahelenkennedy.com

IMDb: www.imdb.me/dianahelenkennedy

Please Note: I can only accept paid work unless I specifically audition for your project. This site has been very kind to me so thanks to everyone who has listened to, liked, and/or hired me thus far!

Hi, I'm Diana (she/her/hers), a seasoned stage actor who's been in voice acting for two years, and boy is this fun. I love the idea of trying out characters that look absolutely nothing like me! My tagline is "The Voice of Authority" and my characters are frequently in charge: moms (both good and evil), boss girls, witches/sorceresses, warriors, spies, goddesses, and the occasional old lady or child with leadership skills.

Every character has their own voice and I approach my acting that way. 

Completed Projects (Highlights)

Focus Entertainment/Pathea Games | My Time at Sandrock | Role: Verna

Six to Start | Marvel Move | Role: Leah of Hel

Forteller Games | Bardsung Audio Narration/Bardsung The Lost Levels | Role: Taramis/Female Duergar (Skelly Award Nomination for Taramis) 

911 Podcast Productions | Supermarket | Role: Linda 

911 Podcast Productions | Cascadia | Role: Tamara Freeland — Episodes 1 & 5 available 

911 Podcast Productions | ICE-CREAM | Role: Police Secretary

One Eight Films | Alien Skies | Role: Ship

Cold Open Stories | Three Chances | Role: Additional Voices 

Redskull Audio | Erai's Destiny | Role: Erai's Mother/Sarah | Chapters One and Two available

Hey Daddy-O Audio | My Amazing Woman | Role: Penny the Coin Wonder

Everest Productions | Star Wars Revitalized Season 1 | Role: Mara Jade Solana/Bo Katan

The Profound Idiots | The Man Who Knowed Too Much | Role: Jo/Hank/Cindy

Studio Archion | Archion: Valkyrie Reborn | Role: Olivia Reeves

Projects in Progress (Highlights) 

WC Animated | Warrior Cats: Into the Wild | Role: Bluestar

Alien Ghost Robot | The Love Talker | Role: Helen/Ensemble

All Ages of Geek | I Married a Monster on a Hill | Role: Amy 

Hyakuten Games | The Waiting Room | Role: NDA

JFava Productions | Tales of Annualia | Role: Sherri Sheep/Evelyn

Studio Setup

- Closet Booth

- AKG P120 mic 

- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen interface

- Reaper DAW

- MacBook Air

- Pop filter

- Behringer HPM1000 headphones

- Source Connnect available

Voice Acting Mastery - 2021

Voice Acting Mastery Online

Instructed by Crispin Freeman
Skills Hub - 2022

Getting Started in VO/VA

Instructed by Jennifer Hale
Closing Credits - 2022

Audio Editing for Voice Actors

Instructed by Tony Wijs
Skills Hub - 2023

Commercials with Crave

Instructed by Sara Cravens

I always refer to current rate guides (VAC Indie Rate Guide and GVAA Rate Guide) but am also flexible to work within your budget!



What Diana Helen Kennedy is looking for

I've worked in many different genres and love them all! I prefer to stick to original and/or licensed works. I also do my best not to cross any gender, racial, or identity boundaries in the name of casting diversity. Lastly, no NSFW situations, please (though I'm fine with swearing). Thanks!

  • @anadryn

    Diana is a truly talented actress both on stage and behind the mic, and a pleasure to work with! She has been instrumental in creating wonderful personal and working relationships within the cast and beyond. Her talent and dedication make her a valuable asset to any team, and I look forward to continued collaboration on Erai's Destiny and any other projects in the future.

  • @fussbudgetjr

    I have been blessed to work with Diana on the audio drama "Erai's Destiny" and I cannot say enough good things about her. She is professional, sincere, and it shows in her performances. We recently discovered we have been cast together in other projects, and I couldn't be happier. I assure you, if you bring her into your project, you will experience the same joy.

  • @hse

    Diana is a very skilled, talented, and hard-working actress. Her fantastic range and experience truly show in the way she handles her work and the way she communicates with fellow team members. Her energy and determination truly bring any project she works on to life, and certainly brings passion to the whole cast. She's a remarkable talent that will take any character she voices into a whole new level!

  • @james-c-taylor

    Holy moly! DK blew us away with her auditions and then blew us further away with her final performance. She also has great comedy instincts, so if you're not afraid of some ad libbing, you're in for a treat. I am trying to scheme ways to have her back again.

    She was professional and accommodating. You would do well to work with her.

    [Note: her episode, episode 2, goes live on 10/19/2021]

  • @dalestrom

    Diana is a phenomenal talent, easily workable and nuanced in her approach to character work. Her voices each feel like I’m talking to the character in question. She’s also snarky, fun, and creative. As part of your cast, or your creative team, Diana will have your back, and may just wind up your star player. 

  • @sammyliscious

    Diana is literally one of the best and most talented VA's I've had in a long time, it's a privilege to have her on the team. She submits her lines quickly and before the deadline, and is overall very friendly and approachable. Thanks for your work, and I hope to have you for our future episodes/projects!