Joey Sourlis

Joey Sourlis

SAG-E  Voice Actor     Rep: The Jackson Agency

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About Joey Sourlis

Joey Sourlis is a SAG-E Voice Actor with appearances in Lust From Beyond: Prologue, HyperParasite, Bug Burger, Chester's Revenge, Witchfall and more! With a widespread range, Joey is able to tap into the nuances of specific character types- and adds a unique texture to his performances! Typically ranging in the "Young Adult" to "Senior" categories, Joey has voiced many different characters in between... and a few different creatures as well! 


$2.50 per line

  • @reece-cowan

    Joey is a champion! Has amazing sound quality, is very professional, on time, and is great at taking direction! 10/10 would work with again!

  • @LemonadeFlashbang

    Joey's an exceptional VA and an exceptional guy. I had an incredible time working with him, and he showed range and ability that was completely unique compared to other talent- switching between characters seamlessly and with some of the greatest versatility around.

    I would absolutely recommend working with him if you're fortunate enough to get the opportunity.

  • @theEastPatch

    He's chill to talk to in live-directed sessions, takes nuanced direction with adaptable ease, and has a great control of his talent. He'd be a fantastic addition to any project!