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Greetings! This project is made to appreciate an old game called "Stronghold Crusader" from 2002. The game has turned 15 years, not too long ago!
After 15 years it still is an amazing RTS and still gets patch support.
So to appreciate that, i decided to make an a big voiceover work mod, that will make any fan from the series go crazy!

The Story:

The game takes place around the time of AD 1060. Your goal is to save your old friend Sir Longarm who was taken hostage by Duc Volpe's army, and to reunite the lands again. You will need to talk to The King to help you. He's your last hope.

Project's Length:

The story isnt very long. Around of 3- 6~ hours of gameplay. Depends on player's experience with RTS games. The difficulty is pretty simplistic and  friendly to anyone new to the game in the first few missions. However later on the game will be more difficult.

Auditioning Rules/Cast Rules:
- Keep the background noises as minimal as possible! It can ruin your audition! If you have that issue still feel free to audition since the audio can Most of the times can be fixed! (if it's not too loud)
- If cast, provide the VO in 1-2months.  (Seems fair enough i hope)
- Once you finished your cast lines please provide them in seperate files.
(If possible)

What's in it for me? The voice actor?

Well there are a couple rewards for voicing a character in my mod, like getting credited for your hard work, uploading your voice lines to youtube (if you wish to) And getting you some publicity as a voice actor. (hopefully)


The modification will be uploaded to Youtube, Stronghold Nation Forum, and on my website.

If you are cast i will credit you in the credits section of the game and on my post. Also you will be added to "Hall of fame" on my website.


For more stuff check out the website:
A new website is in the work at the moment.

Additional Notes:
-Most army units dont have personalities as i'm not looking for something very specific.
- You can showcase your accents if you want to!
- There will be more stuff to voice so keep an eye out on this project.


The game is going to be released very quickly after the VO's are done. I already have almost finished the project. Around Early 2018.

Thank you for reading! :D
I hope you audition for the project!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold