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About Flatlight Productions

"Games dubbed and re-dubbed right into your ears."

Creator "Surgt11, Flatlight"

Quality Assurance "Apoc"

Animator/Artist "Ruben"

 What started as a dream 6 years ago has become reality! Flatlight Productions provides audio/video dubs and fandubs for video games! 

We aim to have our content stand out above all others, and provide an experience that will always leave you wanting more. We want to deliver mods that are fun, action-packed, well made and extremely detailed.

Our most successful works include:


Stronghold Crusader: Remastered 20000 + Downloads

Army men RTS Remastered 5000 + Downloads

Stronghold 1: Remastered 5000 + Downloads


… All made with exclusively featuring voice actors from CCC.


Hopefully, you’ll consider auditioning for one
of our projects!


All the mods we've created are free to download.

What Flatlight Productions is looking for

I'm always glad to find more new voice actors looking for an opportunity.

  • @wyatt-henry

    I've provided voice work for a couple of video game mods for Marius. Working with him has been a pleasure and I recommend his projects for anyone looking for fun dialogue and a friendly work experience.

  • @quilly

    Working with Surgt11 was very fun. He will adapt to your personality and will make sure that you have the best experience available.

  • @apoc

    Surg is easily one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. He was very understanding when halfway through production my microphone unfortunately broke halfway through and was accepting me for projects back in the days of my old bad microphone. He definitely likes to see through the equipment someone uses and instead looks at their individual talent. It's been a great experience working with him so far and hope to work with him much more in the future.

  • @todd-waites

    What a great person to work with. Very clear with his wishes and direction, knows what he's doing, and an all around great person to know.

  • @borland

    As a newbie to this expirience hee's been really hepful and patient in helping me get the roles right , hes a good leader .

  • @luc-de-villars

    i've provided quite a lots and a lots of voice work for him and i m quite sure it s not over yet, i must say thing director is probably more insane than i am and he have a good sens of humour plus beeing really dedicated on his work, not even looking for the greedy way he follows the way of passion....and Madness , by the way Sombrero, i have 3 mores voices for you coming up . :)

  • @glenn-bulthuis

    In my short time on CCC most of my VO work has been on one of Surgt11's projects. I've worked with a number of different directors now and he stands head and shoulders above all of the rest. Organized, friendly, and incredibly ambitious, working with him has been an absolute joy and I would be more than grateful to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

  • @chumborino

    You'd be hard-pressed to find a nicer, more passionate guy on this site. He's easy to work with and very generous with deadlines. I'd definitely want to work with him again in the future.

  • @nevernotninja

    Very pleasant to work with. Clear deadlines, fast, polite communication and an honest passion for what he does. Will be auditioning for his next project as soon as I see it!

  • @clare-chan

    When I was 14 years old, I voiced in Surgt11's SOT mod, and let me say, it was a blast! The lines were fun to do, we worked very well together, and the project was awesome! I highly recommend Surgt11 for your project! :3

  • @paksok

    Working with Marius has been amazing. He is always truly appreciative of the effort given to his projects. One of the nicest people I've gotten to do work for.

  • @oddvoices

    A wonderful individual, pretty much knows exactly what they want and if help is needed, they'll be there. They respond quick and are actively hand picking talent for their projects. Defiantly a very respectable and caring sir. I definitely recommend if you get the chance to work with them!

  • @saitogami1

    After being a voice actor now for almost a year, I have had my share of good and bad directors. In my opinion, what makes a great director is one that is patient with his actors, kind, uplifting with their words, hard-working, and very dedicated with their work. If I missed anything (which I know I probably did), I want to say that what makes a great director is all those things - and that is what Surgt11 is. I was able to do a Danganronpa Fan Dub project for him and right from the beginning, he was welcoming, thorough in his directions, and was very professional in his approach with the project as a whole. To me, I have not seen that a lot in the field and it is a breath of fresh air when I see it. I was able to get my work done for him and after the fact, he was so uplifting and gave respect to me as a Voice Actor and as an individual. After such a short time already, I want to work for Surgt11 again! If you are looking for a great director to work for, this is the man to go to! 11/10! PLEASE AUDITION FOR HIS PROJECTS!!!

    Thank you for your work, sir!

  • @huntylicious

    Working with Flatlight Productions (F.P.) / Surgt11 was an absolute delight. Everything from clear desires to crystal clear communications was as it should be from a professional standpoint, while remaining very friendly and warm, level-headed.

    What they looked for was made clear, any changes were pointed out and production moved along quickly. It was the best experience I had with a director on this site as of yet. : )

  • @wordsoffate

    I've worked with many directors since starting off voice acting and he is definitely one of the most reliable directors out of all of them. He quickly gave me my lines after I was cast and is always quick to respond back to me for any questions I might have. He's dedicated and very kind; I really hope to work with him more in the future!

  • @josh-brabant-vo

    Very professional, quick and efficient. 10/10 would work with them again.

  • @sweetcookie500

    I worked with Surgt11 during the Stick of Truth Fandub Mod as the voice provider for Kyle, and I must say that I had the most enjoyable time working with him and the rest of the team! I honestly thank him for providing me the chance to be a part of something big and I cannot wait to see what comes next! While I did miss out on auditioning for his latest project (Danganronpa THH Fandub), I do hope I can work with him and the team again, and if I go I will be most certainly grateful!

  • @warden1

    Clear, complete, concise direction. Provided reference links and constant, friendly communication. Would definitely collab again!

  • @cascade-nerida

    They were very easy to work with, especially since I was just starting out. Deadlines we're reasonable and the job was fun. I definitely would be willing to work with them again!

  • @tizziq

    I was cast in their upcoming project "Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2" and I had a lot of fun participating in this project! Flatlight Productions was very professional and easy to work with. They were timely and efficient in their scripts and deadline expectation. I would highly recommend them for just about anything! Very excited to see what they do next!