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About Falmenara

Hello all! I am Francisco, trying to break into the Voice Acting field. I've always done impressions with my friends in order to make them laugh, and I'd figure I'd try and find out what else I can do with my voice.

I currently work in broadcast, and have been doing it for more than 4 years. 

I'm looking to develop my voice acting skills and do this as a hobby for now, but who knows what can happen!

Hope y'all enjoy my work!

I can also be found on Fiverr:

Character Coaching - 2022

Character One-on-One

Instructed by Marc Graue
Commercial One-on-One - 2021

Commercial One-on-One

Instructed by Brad Hyland
Commercial One-on-One - 2020

Commercial One-on-One

Instructed by Marc Cashman
  • @hannahdoesvo

    Falmenara turned in his lines on time and did excellent improv for Alois! Excellent acting from them all around!

  • @joshuaspectorva

    Falmenara provided voice work for my audio drama The Woes of Whitby, a retelling of Dracula. He plays the Count himself and delivers his role in the most authentic and sinister way! I am so happy to have him on board and know he has wonderful things ahead. I absolutely recommend him for any project.

  • @captainstronger

    Falmenara is a joy to work with. His interpretation of Kuzco had a lot of personality, kept the original sass, and felt lifelike! His hard work, helpful suggestions and presence went above my expectations and raised the metaphorical bar of the project!

  • @themcmaster132

    Falmenara provided voice work for the character Dave Sheppard in my Minecraft animated series Murder Mystery Season 3. His portrayal of the character was perfect, and even better than I originally presumed when I casted him! I am happy to have him as a part of a series that has meant so much to me and my friends. He is my number 1 recommendation for any voice work!