Making your projects a reality since, like, 2017 or so.

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About Apoc

Hi! I'm Apoc (Or Zach if you're feeling personal)! I'm a British amateur voice actor originating from the Midlands, UK. I started voice acting in 2017 and have since been involved with a number of projects for many directors. A number of my most recent projects being with @flatlight-productions. If you find a Flatlight Production dub, I'm probably in it! I'm hoping that I can become someone you can rely on for your projects!!


Typically free while I build experience, skills and equipment.

What Apoc is looking for

Anything that I feel can fit my voice! Though preferably work on either audiobooks or games is preffered.

  • @flatlight-productions

    Apoc was a fantastic addition to my projects, he delivered his lines very quickly with great quality. He understood what i wanted right off the bat. Also he is very nice as a person. I would definantly recommend him to anyone looking for a great voice actor like him.

  • @deleted68378

    I casted Apoc as a voice actor for my game a while ago and he sent the lines recorded pretty fast after I sent the lines, but even in the quick speed his voice was amazing it was exactly what I was looking for! He was never late and would always nail it! If you are working on a horror game (most likely with a robot killer) then you should give this guy a shot! He is fantastic!
    (In the video linked below you can see his work in the project.)

  • @bitesizetuna

    Apoc is undeniably a fantastic voice actor to work with. He has what it takes to perform professionally as he does in delivering them in short notice. Apoc is also respectful and patient to the director and isn’t discouraged for retakes/ extra lines.