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Monday Pictures's Previously Completed Works

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About Once Upon a Kingdom - A Fantasy/Animation Short

"Once Upon a Kingdom" is an original fantasy/epic/adventure animation 30-35min film by director Måns Saari Jonsson. The twist being that this film will be made with Stopmotion Animation rather than the traditional 2d Animation, but it will also be animated using ONLY lego. This is just a stylistic choice, and we as a production group really favor the creativity and limitations that comes with Lego Stopmotion Films. Have you never seen a Lego Stopmotion Film before? Not to worry. Feel free to follow the link below to our previous project, the Lego Horror Short "Isolation". This short also gives you a feeling of the quality that we're aiming for.


So what's "Once Upon a Kingdom" about? The story centers around Ilaine, a young squire in the service of the Kingdom of Rikland. She's travelling with an entourage with the goal of delivering a Rikland lord to the neighboring Kingdom of Leona to secure an alliance between the two kingdoms. This alliance would give the kingdoms a fighting chance against the scurge of The Trolls who constantly raid and pillage their lands. However, when Ilaine and the entourage make camp for the night, they are betrayed by one of their own, and they are attacked by a war party of Trolls.

What style are we going for? The animation style will be similar to the one in "Isolation" (link above). This means that we're going for a slightly more realistic approach to movements and animations, and this extends to the voice work as well. In many ways, we're treating this short as a regular live action film, and the goal is for the voice work to reflect this as well. This basically means that we're not looking for over the top cartoony or exaggerated voices, but rather more subtle performances.


For this film, we're looking for quite a few actors with a good irish accent. This is mostly meant as a way to differentiate the two kingdoms and the lord from the rest of the people from Rikland. We strongly believe in focusing on story as much as possible, and having clear, distinct accents for different groups of people is a perfect way to do that. We consider representation hugely important, and as such we'd love to cast as many native irish speakers as we can. In the end though, the deciding factor will always be whether or not you're a good fit for the character. So don't hesitate to audition regardless of your heritage! If you are a native irish speaker, feel free to let us know when you audition.

Make sure your audio sounds professional when recording. Think of it as showcasing the best possible recording you can produce, with no background noise, echo, peaking etc. Good quality recordings is required for you to be cast.

What happens if I'm cast? Well firstly, you'll recieve the script, and then we'll discuss the best way to record your lines. If possible, we'd like to record most of the actors during "call in sessions", where the director and actor are both present, especially for the larger roles. This of course allows the director to give instructions and directions more fluently and effectively. We recommend you have discord for this. Most actors will also be required to record ADR and foley. These will not be recorded at the same time as the dialogue. They will be recorded at a later stage when there is a rough cut of the film in order to time the ADR and foley properly to the action on screen.

Even if you're not cast, you might be offered a role as an extra. If we like your audition but ultimately feel like you're not the best fit for a character, we might offer you a role as an extra if you're interested. Extras will unfortunately not be paid, but will of course recieve full credit and such.


Feel free to audition for as many roles as you like!

If you have any questions regarding the project or the process of auditioning, don't hesitate to message us.

Good luck! We look forward to your auditions!

About the Creator: monday-pictures

We are a small production group based in Sweden, focusing mainly on stop motion animation, led by writer, director, and composer Måns Saari Jonsson.

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