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About Entwistle2

I'm a English performer branching out into voice acting during the pandemic to keep my skills fresh.

some examples of my art style and art work, baring in mind im only really an amateur
My discord if you want to get in contact with me 

  • @barkervo

    I worked with Tom on “Royal Duality,” a fantasy-genre visual novel developed by Hyakuten. Tom is friendly and welcoming, focused on delivering his best performances possible, and supportive of others’ work and creative pursuits. He’s a fantastic scene partner, values the continual progression of creative projects as much as the end result, and is generally great to work with.

  • @sazzle04

    Entwistle2 is an excellent voice actor and played for one of the lead characters in our visual novel project. He worked very hard providing a wide variety of scripted lines and sound effects for us and really strived to understand the character and his motives. He was very receptive to direction and had a positive and proactive attitude, setting clear and manageable expectations with the team on his availability and delivery. He was splendid when dealing with the character's varied emotional range and really excelled in bringing our character to life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any project.