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Matthew Murphy

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Hi there, my name is Matt! I have been acting for the last 7 years and have been working to perfect a wide range of voices and a wide range of accents. Although I am new to Voice Acting I have extensive stage acting experience and a good audio setup to deliver clear, crisp and professional audio. I hope to work with anyone that wishes to have me as a part of their projects!

  • @shannon-roby

    Matt is one of the most wonderful, professional, talented, kind, and caring people you will ever meet, and he would be an incredible addition to any project!!! He is incredibly talented and has the ability to do a wide range of voices. I met him through the TTRPG community, and he so kindly invited me to be a guest on his podcast, The Verbal Components. We had an AMAZING chat, the conversation flowed so naturally and Matt was an excellent host. I highly recommend him for your next project!!!

  • @david-tilstra

    Matthew is one of the funniest, most professional people I have ever met! The times that I have worked with Matthew, have been a pure joy! He brings a level of confidence that has a way of taking all of the nerves out of a room. There is nothing bad I can say about Matt! He will work hard, and bring not only professionalism, but confidence and humor to your project! You will not go wrong casting Matthew, long story short, he is a great and gifted voice actor!