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About Jake MVA

Trying to get into video game/anime acting, ya know?

My name is Jake and I love to act, sing, and I'm passionate about every project I work on. I'm also a huge video game and anime nerd and usually will have long conversations about certain fandoms with those interested. Thanks for checking out my profile and auditions!

Studied acting and singing at Alma College in Michigan. 

Worked professionally as an actor at Trumpet in the Land and Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama, both in Ohio.


Here is a link to a Playlist of my covers:

Contact me for my Discord ^_^

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Deb Munro
Alma College - 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Acting

Instructed by
Voice Acting Mastery with Crispin Freeman - 2021

Acting Workshop

Instructed by Crispin Freeman
  • @rcornelljr

    Jake is an incredible voice actor and singer. He can emulate many medium & high pitched character. He puts hard work into everything he does.

  • @crazysimmer2500

    I really enjoyed working with Jake. He can deliver a very convincing British accent, and is clearly dedicated to his voice acting. He also checked up on the project and told me that he bought a sound barrier if I ever needed more lines from him. He is brilliant at pulling off the type of voice I need for Jamal, and was very flexible when trying to come up with the perfect voice for him in the first place. Overall, I highly recommend Jake because he is very passionate about his work and has a natural talent for voice acting!

  • @monday-pictures

    We had the pleasure of working with Jake on our animated short film "Once Upon a Kingdom". He has a lot of talent, and elevated his character beyond the lines into something else. He is incredibly dedicated and professional, and just an all around great guy to work with. A good addition to any project. Recommended.

  • @kahsah

    Jake played the role of Andre in my video game mod perfectly. He captured the character's voice and motivations well. In addition he was easy to work with and he communicated whenever there was an issue or if he felt he should redo some lines he submitted. He certainly put a lot of effort into the role and I think it shows. The character, Andre, is more likeable and relatable because of his work. Thanks again Jake.

  • @sazzle04

    Jake MVA is a friendly and talented voice actor who lent his voice to a minor but very important mystery character in our visual novel project. Jake delivered an excellent and enjoyable performance...which we enjoyed so much that we decided to write more lines for the character! He delivered lines on time and was both positive and proactive when voice direction was provided. I would definitely recommend him for any project... His proactive and enthusiastic nature makes him a great member of any team!

  • @gamefiledubbing

    Jake has worked with us several times now and each time he has shown himself to be a wonderful addition. In our latest work together he only played a minor role, but I never felt he wasn’t behind the project, he believes in what you are doing. A quite wonderful selfless enthusiasm that serves as proof of his passion for whatever project he brought on to.

  • @soletwinaudios

    This young man has SO much talent and I look forward to working with him on projects in the near future. For my production of "Short Order," he was a strong contender for one of the roles and gave me such an excellent performance. He certainly didn't make it an easy decision! I have another lead role in mind for him because of how well he's auditioned for me in the past. I can honestly say working with Jake so far has been a lot of fun and I look forward to working with him again soon!

  • @redandblue-productions

    Jake was an incredible talent to work with on our project "DAREDEVIL: Means and Ends". Each line requested was delivered with great quality and speedy response, cannot wait to work with this AMAZING talent in the future!-Red&Blue Productions C.E.O; EST 2015.