Shannon Roby

Shannon Roby

Thanks for visiting my profile! I'm @sroby25 on all socials, and my email is [email protected].

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About Shannon Roby

Hey friends! I'm Shannon, and I'm an aspiring voice actress. I discovered my love for voice acting after performing a series of guest roles on a variety of Dungeons & Dragons podcasts and streams (see my resume for a sample of my work!) I'm also a cast member of and Community Manager for Paradice Productions. We started streaming Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual-play in October 2019, and we are currently streaming our second long-term campaign Monday nights on Twitch.

As the Paradice Productions Community Manager, I'm very active on social media, particularly on Twitter. I've made a TON of connections with other content creators in the TTRPG Community and have been invited to participate in a variety of projects. To date, my favorite roles to perform are strong, confident female leads, femme fatale villains, tough teenagers, and adorkable wild magic sorcerers.

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Deb Munro
Closing Credits 201 - 2021

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
  • @robby_weiss

    I am DM for The Dungeon Initiative Podcast and we had Shannon play a character named Princess Elda for a few episodes. She did an incredible job portraying the emotions Elda had such as despair and sadness at the loss of her lover Dorv. We had an incredible time working with her and she is an absolute joy to work with! Would highly recommend!

  • @patchster0730

    Shannon is one of the most talented performers I've had the privilege of knowing. She always puts 110% into each role she is cast in, and she's always willing to sit down with someone and work with them in order to get the most out of characters. I highly recommend her not only as a voice actor, but as a friend. You will absolutely not regret casting her in whatever role she auditions for!

  • @david-tilstra

    I have had the absolute joy of working with Shannon on several projects. From DnD podcasts, to live streams, and even a few different voice acted shorts. Shannon is an absolute force! Her voice acting evokes emotion, and passion! Every character she gets her hands on instantly jumps to life! The care and effort she puts into each project she works on is second to none. And you will not regret casting Shannon in any of your roles!

  • @matthew-murphy

    I cannot recommend Shannon more for any project that you need her for. When I stepped into the creating space she was the biggest help as I found my niche in this industry. She has starred on my podcast and did a WONDERFUL job and I have also had the pleasure to see her on others shows and other projects that she has voiced and I am beyond stunned every time I hear the wide range of voices she provides and how professional they sound. This is premium cast member for your project, I can guarantee that.