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Hi there! My name is Ali and I am a Voice Actor. I am very active on this site and have completed over 800 Auditions. I have dedicated a lot of time and money into this and  would love to work on meaningful projects. Please feel free to check  out any of my other socials. All the support is greatly appreciated!



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2021 Animation Demo Reel

  • @classic-david

    As from a viewpoint of someone who spent 5+ years in TV/film industry, I know Ali is very talented and will reach his goals, whatever they are, if he won't quit in the upcoming years :). It's a pleasure!

  • @paintersdaughter

    Keyblade is one of the best voice actors I have on my team. Keyblade turns in his lines within HOURS of the script being released. His lines are amazing quality and he is very easy to work with. He is super nice too ^-^ Keyblade is going to go FAR in his voice acting career.

  • @ethananimatez

    KeybladeAli is a very talented, yet underrated Voice Actor. I've had an outstanding time working with him. He was very collaborative and open to any inputs that I would give him. He's very expressive and emotional with voice lines, and knows how to take impressions correctly. I'd recommend Keyblade to any film-makers or directors out there looking for a strong voice-actor. It was a pleasure working with him, and it is 100% worth taking him as a voice actor!

  • @conor-brett

    Ali is an excellent voice actor, although I only had him as a 1-line appearance, that one line allowed me to realise that he is a great voice actor and I will definitely be inquiring him about upcoming roles I have planned, would recommend to anyone! :)

  • @ValorousComics

    KeybladeAli worked on our series "From Me, To You". He played a role called 'Garrett', and very well.

  • @glasses-freek

    KeybladeAli plays Billy Greene in the project I helm, The Walking Dead: Comic Dub (Issues 10-48). He has been a real pleasure to work with, always giving me a good amount of takes with a great performance to boot! Would definitely recommend.

  • @quantumleek

    Cast KeybladeAli for a small part in an audio drama and received quality work well ahead of the deadline. Both audio quality and acting were excellent, and I would be happy to cast him for a larger part in the future if the opportunity arises.

  • @ersalin

    Ali has done an incredible job so far with everything I've tasked him to do, and I've been pleased with the quality of his work as well as his willingness to try new things. He has gone above and beyond to make working with him a great experience. I'd greatly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented VA with experience, talent, flexibility, and a good attitude. Feel free to contact me if you have any question of his quality or character, I'm more than happy to offer direct testament to his skills.

  • @crystallined-studios

    His voice is spot-on for the character. The spots for re-recording are obvious but I'll look past it. Overall I'm very pleased with his voice and look forward to him later in the official episodes. - Director Mike

    KeybladeAli is a wonderful talent to have and is easy to work with as well as the type of guy who will do his best to give you the voice you need! I recommend you have him on your project. -Crystal owner of Crystalline Studios

  • @keithgaming

    Keyblade Ali has worked with me for quite some time now, and I can tell you this, he has yet to fail in delivering lines on time and has not failed in the amount of quality he has put into them. Ali is very good at what he does and has unimaginable talent that everyone should look into. I recommend Ali to anyone who needs a male voice actor cause I know he can pull the role off just swell!

  • @glassflower

    Ali was a great VA to work with. He was very receptive and open to direction, and gave me plenty of takes to work with. On top of that he delivered his lines to my directions to a T, making retakes unneeded. On top of that, he's a wonderful VA with an incredible skill. His range in tone, emotion, pitch, volume, and delivery make him an immediate pick whenever I'm looking for a VA to work with. An easy recommendation to make, and I hope to work with him in the future!

  • @wizgamingxd

    Ali is a spectacular voice actor. He's very friendly and easy to work with. Every line he delivers has the right amount emotion and tone, and I'd definitely recommend casting him!

  • @shadowking547

    Honestly a great voice actor! Get's in his lines on time and overall is a delight to work with!

  • @c_synergy

    It was a pleasure and amazing opportunity to work with Ali. He is honestly a really talented individual that has a lot of passion to what he does. He's just SO COOL. 11/10 stars. Would highly recommend!

  • @nvstolgia

    Ali is one of the most phenomenal, versatile, and dedicated VAs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! When it comes down to recommending a VA to the team, one of the first to come to mind is DEFINITELY him! Being able to switch between voices quickly and effortlessly, going from the cunning villain with a deep and dark sound to contrast with his lighthearted, cheerful hero voice, Ali holds the ability to adjust to practically any and every character you can envision.
    Aside from knowing him for his voice and talent, Ali is also very helpful and kind, quick to lend advice to a question and easy to talk to. Truly, he is someone of great character to have working with you!

  • @abitat

    Let me just add to the list of recommendations and go ahead and recommend this amazing guy for your project~ Ali...I like to refer to him as 'The Shapeshifter' because hoo boy - this guy may as well be one with the range of voices he can pull off. This guy is incredible, with stellar voice quality, great emotion, intonation, well capable of stretching those vocal cords to frightening levels (I jumped out my skin listening to his opening yelling line in auditions!) and creative intonation too. He sounds professional and clear, demonstrating a true desire and passion to deliver and also being receptive to feedback. He is super friendly and sociable, showing true care and encouragement to the rest of the cast and crew. From young higher male voices to deep gravelly villains, he can do it all with his shapeshifting VA magic XD It was due to this amazing talent that he got into the Top 3 for one of the major roles in our project, which he just narrowly missed out on. However, it is an absolute privilege to have him on board for supporting voices and a valued member of the team. In summary, I 110% recommend Ali for your project - you will NOT be disappointed!

  • @simplymiprii

    Keyblade is a terrifically talented voice actor!! I am the luckiest director to have had him on my project, and to have worked with such a dedicated and motivated artist. If you're deciding on who to hire, Keyblade won't disappoint you!