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About ParallelDimension

Hey there! I'm Parallel. 

Lovely to meetcha. Thanks for taking the time to check this page out! 

Some things to know 'bout lil old me!
- My Discord is ParallelDimension#5053
- My email is [redacted]
- My Twitter is
- My timezone is AWST (Australian Western Standard Time)
- I can speak English and Hebrew

Project spotlight for Worm fans! I voice Taylor Hebert, main character and narrator of Worm, by J. C. 'wildbow' McCrae, in the full-cast fan audiobook adaptaion. You can find a link to the audiobook here! I've also had the pleasure of voicing Taylor in Adaptation VFX's animation The Locker.

Completed Projects:

  • Odyssey by Pacheco Projects & Productions (trailer link, full link coming soon)

  • Rose Raven for PlagueDocling (link)

  • Helga of Morsgrad for PlagueDocling (link)

  • Katelyn Bennet for PlagueDocling (link)

  • Tuatha Model MK3 'Eloise' - Voices of the Consortium (link)

  • Tuatha Model MK3 'Eloise' - Even Machines Part 1 (link)

  • Tuatha Model MK3 'Eloise' - Even Machines Part 2 (link)

  • Long-Term Projects:
  • Narrator - Fan Audiobook of Pale, by John C. 'wildbow' McCrae (link)

  • Kithria Wraithchasm - Armageddon: Black Dawn (link)

  • Lala Truffleroot - Armageddon: Black Dawn (link)

  • Ryuki Purplefist - Armageddon: Black Dawn (link)

  • Raven Branwen - RWBY: Remnants

  • Nora Valkyrie - RWBY: Remnants (link)

  • Female Extras - Waker Aphelion by Jenna Oliver

  • Ongoing Projects
  • Royal Guard - Once Upon A Kingdom by Monday Pictures

  • Murloc Sorcerer - Warcraft 3: Reversed Mod by Nostosis 

  • Analysis Droid - Issue #1 of Dr Aphra Annual 2 by Star Wars Audio Comics 

  • Na'Sharie - Hitch Hikers Guide To Vana'diel & Six Days And Seven Knights by nemezar

  • Lady Grey/Shop Keeper/Spectre 2 - see above 

  • Vivi - Hail and Well Met!

  • Thank you for reading!

    - 2021

    Private Coaching

    Instructed by Deanna Cooney

    Australian Musical Examination Board - 2020

    Certificate of Speech and Drama

    Instructed by Lea Logie

    Earned High Distinction, and teaching diploma.


    When doing commissions, I usually charge along these rates or cheaper:

    • @plaguedocling

      I have reached out to ParallelDimension through Casting Call Club to invite them to work for a small project. She has voiced two characters for me, going an extra mile to ensure it was done to the best of her ability. She provided samples of the many accents she can work it and completed her lines with skill and haste.

      An absolutely fantastic and reliable voice actor, great singer, and overall a fantastic person to work with. 10/10 would recommend.

      I have linked a URL to one of the several pieces she has done.

    • @raphpatch

      Professional, punctual, and a ton of fun to work with. Not to mention clearly well trained in her craft. Even for a very minor role she went above and beyond with her performance and work ethic, making for a smooth and pleasant directing experience.

    • @j_e_utt

      Parallel continues to impress me. Her accent work and emotional range are truly unparalleled (heh), and I often find myself taking mental notes on the skills she displays so I can try applying them to my own work. She can fit any role you need, though my personal favorite is her British villain! I highly recommend taking her onto your next project

    • @monday-pictures

      We had the pleasure of working with Parallel on our animated short film " Once Upon a Kingdom". She impressed us immensly with all of her auditions, and we actually tweaked one of the roles slightly to accomodate her, just so we could have her on the project. She's incredibly talented, and simply a joy to work with. Even though the role was minor, her positive and dedicated attitude made the recording session a breeze, and we'd love to work with her again.

    • @euclidclassdunmer

      So, Parallel is amazing to with. She's so darn talented and is the perfect voice for my character Eloise!
      She's pleasant to talk with, easy communication, and I hope to work with her even more on projects in my universe, thank you so much for all you've done!

    • @nemezar

      ParallelDimension plays my leading lady in 2 movies, the first of which The Hitchhiker's Guide To Vana'diel which premiers on YouTube May 21st. 
      ParallelDimension plays multiple roles within the movie and was able to deliver good emotional responses throughout the film that help give her main character, Na'Sharie a lot of depth. 
      ParallelDimension had the most lines to complete and was able to complete these promptly and efficiently, I would fully recommend her in your future projects.