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Richard Savage

Voice Actor with Studio - "The Human Connection" -

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Voice actor, musician, human.

Chocolate & sci-fi. Cats & coffee. Hats & tech.


Always negotiable 🙂

What Richard Savage is looking for

Emotional narration and interesting characters always get a look in...

  • @cschan

    I absolutely love, love, love Richard’s rendition of Ivan in my book trailer! It is what I have imagined Ivan to sound like in every aspect since the conception of my novel two years ago. From the subtle pauses, to the deep, husky voice, Richard made my character come alive. Within a couple of lines, he was able to evoke the mood and feel of the story. To top it off, he responds promptly with thoughtfulness and amicability which I appreciate greatly. I’m very thankful he auditioned for the role and I recommend him highly without reservation.