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About Obsidian Archives

Obsidian Archives

Greetings curator. I am Samuel Wilkinson. Welcome to the Obsidian Archives. This is an Animatic / Audio Drama, about the birth of an evil empire and the secrets they keep between the texts of their tomes. We are at a point in development where we can open roles to the public to help this indie story project come alive. If you want an easier time understanding this project, I recommend you take a look at our Pitch Bible.

Pitch Bible: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/839564289429340190/853750230637477906/Obsidian_Archives_Arc_1.pdf

What is it about?

Effectively this is a dark high fantasy following a down trodden Prince and his Imp colleague. They go through the trials and tribulations of Kingdom making amongst a divided people and the atrocities that come with it. Effectively a tale of betrayal and vengeance; with a hint of sarcasm.

Voice Roles Wanted!

Currently EP1 is in production, but we will need a few voices for the new character's that will join the cast.

What we will need is people capable of creating either 

  • Ye old english accents for guards, knights and nobles.

  • Cute yet mischievous voices for fairies and imp demons.

  • Mysterious whispery voices for the Sandkin merchant lords.

  • Sly new yorker accents for goblins.

The formats should be uploaded as WAV and 48khz or higher. Processing is optional.

*Rates are to be negotiated between the VA and Director. Any prices written on the roles are not final but very rough estimates. Icons are just used to cover archetypes and are not final character designs.

Writing Consultants & Historians

The project’s goal is to portray a certain level of historical truthfulness. Seeking inspirations from all kinds of historical events to grant a grandiose aesthetic and a holier than thou subtext.

This particular role is mostly voluntary. On the flipside, the work is less about righting and more about bouncing ideas and proofreading.


So this is one of the most important roles for the production. There are two kinds of artist roles.

Animatic Slide Artists will create rough black and white grayscale images in bulk. The work will be delivered in PSD format so the director can color in the work to maximize quality. The rates are to be negotiated.

Emblem / Painting Artists are tasked with creating grandiose paintings that signify turning points within the history of Obsidia capturing the holy biblical scale of the events that unfold.

What to expect?

Once selected you will be greeted by myself in discord and interviewed on job brief and price negotiations. You will also be invited to the project discord to meet other people working on the project.

Deadlines are lax but there might be moments in production where the director may check up on you and see progress.

About the Creator: secrios

I am a self made producer, creating animated shows like Black Dust & Blue Spy.

Black Dust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eTuWqVTPhc

Currently working on the Obsidian Archives.

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