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About Fizzbang

Thanks for stopping by my profile. My default accent is a fairly posh British
baritone but I’m always excited to challenge myself with a variety of
characters and approaches which you’ll see in my auditions.


I recently
took on the challenge of creating content in VA for the expression and pure
enjoyment of art, especially in the online realm which fascinates me. I’m a gamer
at heart, and an avid fan of fantasy / roleplaying, so I’m always bound to have
fun with a huge selection of the parts being cast here on the website.


I’m also a qualified
mental health counsellor, and I also enjoy creating content around wellbeing
and mindfulness, some of which you can find on my profile at Insight Timer.


This is
primarily something for fun and enjoyment for me, but I would love to use my
voice to do something positive and affect change whilst collaborating with and
meeting others from around the world on projects.

Demos & Samples

Character Demo Reel

A short demo reel demonstrating some of the range I have for characters - a UK Received Pronunciation (RP) noble, an epic war leader speech in Sparta, a wise and croaky medieval lord, an adventurer in awe, and a grumpy patriarch lord.

Game Demo Reel

A demo reel featuring game-specific characters, showcasing a haughty elven lord, a heroic knight, a loyal medieval soldier, a smooth noble's son, an wise immortal narrator, and a nerdy sci-fi spaceship navigator.

Commercial Demo Reel

Written, edited and voiced by yours truly. Featuring commercials for a futuristic car, a fun toy store, a delicious coffee brand, and a pet adoption centre.

  • @lord-krit

    Followed instructions quickly as well as provided lines well before the deadline ended. Quick and professional, and wonderful to work with.