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About Crabtree

I have been Voice Acting for 3 years and have recorded for Webseries, Audiobooks, and Motion Comics. I hope to work with YOU next.

Provide you with high quality audio, free of noise and full of emotion.

  • @saltydogg

    Crabtree was such a nice and kind person, not only did he do the lines perfectly, but he provided such amazing kind words and did all the work. I highly recommend "Crabtree"

  • @connorkopko

    Crabtree has a fantastic voice! Highly recommended, even though he was a small part of the project he was very invested I could not recommend him more, especially speed with which he turns in his lines. I wish great things for him, and hope to work together again soon!

  • @ynstbih

    My time with Crabtree was brief, and it was entirely due to the speed in which he works. One of the fastest to complete his lines that I have ever worked with. Great quality and inflections. I greatly look forward to working with him again.

  • @traintonyt

    This man right here deserves more recognition. He's a super fast worker and gets his stuff done whilst maintaining high quality audio tracks for use. He asks the right questions and you recieve the right product you're looking for. You're missing out if you skip out on him.

    (you can find his work on the video from 12:51 to 13:59 as the Helicopter Pilot)