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About vlaurent

Just a dude working on being the Most Interesting Man in the World

If you need a snarky/intelligent villain, a lancer, a big brother character, or announcer (think of Peter Cullen for those Toonami bumps), I'm your guy

Demos & Samples

Zalera the Death Seraph

More FFXII stuff

Ne M'oublie Pas

Something written a facebook thread

vlaurent's Demo

More stuff on FFXII Espers. Considering Chaos references the wheel of samsara, I couldn't help but think about Chakravartins' Theme from Asura's Wrath

Famfrit the Darkening Cloud

Ultima The High Seraph

Zeromus the Condemner

An entry for the FFXII bestiary

  • @csr-creations

    A charming voice and a good worker. vlaurent breathed his life into his character in my project and really resonated with and got invested in my work. He got in all his lines in a timely fashion and was a pleasure to work with.

  • @skullface

    He was great to work with. He gave me his lines in a timely fashion, he was very patient with me and he has a voice that has gravitas. He has a bright future ahead in the VA game if he sticks to it