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Vyn Vox
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Voice & Visual Artist

  • @anokj

    Vyn is an amazingly talented voice actor. They can do many voices and they all sound so different and unique. Their voice portrays much emotion needed to bring life to a role. It was a pleasure to work with them.

  • @deleted225153

    Can I just say wow!? Her voice is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard! I love all of her spunk and willingness to put up with our crazy cast. Thank you so much for a wonderful Nadia!

  • @clovett

    Vyn has a unique voice that so fit my project perfectly, they are incredibly talented and it is an absolute honor to be working with them. They have made it a point to come to meetings despite the intense time difference. I highly recommend.

  • @deleted207269

    Vyn's performance as Theris for Night Asunder was amazing. Malkavians are very demanding roles with most people often playing the "crazy" cliche, but they really helped sell the unique character and nailed a lot of the memorable lines. Recommended.